The hottest rising tide rises again, and the sheep

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Rising prices again? Sheep to be slaughtered become pigs in the wind

Abstract: the mob effect of asset prices. In the market, you can consult professional technical operators or contact manufacturers for panic! Infectious, the biggest feature of the investment market is that people like to listen to some extreme but unreliable views. As for some insights, they will eventually be buried in the noise of the market

few people know that it took Hu Xueyan 30 years to become the richest man and the second richest man in the Qing Dynasty. However, it took only three days from the richest man to be robbed of his family, and only three years from being ruined to dying in poverty

the price track also always falls fast and rises hard, just like the thread used a month's rise, and it only takes a week to swallow it all. But... In a blink of an eye, there have been two v-turns in the thread these days, and today's rebound is due to the news that China's industrial enterprise profits increased by 24% year-on-year in August, which is the biggest increase since 2013 that yinbang metal composite Co., Ltd. will bring a new scheme of brazed aluminum alloy composite materials with high strength, corrosion resistance and heat dissipation! Market sentiment is changing

the author believes that there are currently three key time points for reference: September 9 (verified), October 10, and near November 11, which may form a short-term top. Under the current situation, ① under the condition that the general trend remains unchanged, if you want to short, treat it with short-term thinking; ② If there are many orders in hand in the near future, set the profit stop. The general trend remains unchanged, waiting for the next buying point after the adjustment

all rising essential debt problems

last week, S & P, the leader of the three major rating agencies, downgraded China and its N central enterprises. The direct reason was credit. It did not think that China's credit growth would peak in a year or two. This move was denounced by Chinese state-owned media

therefore, the top management did two more things in this year:

① through supply side reform, the enterprise profits were allocated between the upstream, middle and downstream, delaying the pattern of excess coal and steel, and basically eliminating the mines of trillions of credit and millions of industrial workers

② through real estate destocking, the debt leverage is allocated between the resident sector and the non resident sector (corporate debt decreases and resident debt increases). Pour Tianliang's third and fourth tier real estate into the crazy fellow passengers, saving banks and real estate developers

but there are many difficulties. With the gradual regulation and increase of real estate, the debt thunder can only walk on one leg in the short term. The rise in the price of raw materials is inevitable. As long as the unemployment rate in the downstream is not too obvious, this state will continue for the time being. The national development and Reform Commission said a few days ago that it is necessary to effectively break all kinds of obstacles that "zombie enterprises" are rigid and immortal

after cleaning up the downstream "zombies", it will turn to the upstream sooner or later, but this move is not completed in a day or two

the power of environmental protection does not mean that there is no such thing as no such thing.

recently, whether from the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, the executive power of environmental protection supervision has never been seen before. It is better to have green waters and mountains than golden mountains and silver mountains. It is no longer just on paper

in recent days, not only the national development and Reform Commission and the Hebei provincial government have made their voices on the issue of capacity reduction. Sure enough, everyone still has party spirit. Today, none of the chimneys of Hangang is smoking. When the market realizes that this is true, there is less demand, but there are less things. How will the market expect? At least there are signs of bottom hunting in the current funds

under the strong pressure of supply side reform and environmental protection law enforcement, the profits and valuation of steel and coal stocks in the secondary market will be greatly improved, far exceeding the average level in the past 10 years. After the market realized that, steel stocks also began to rebound rapidly

to sum up, if screw futures stand above 3700 yuan/ton, it will indicate that the recent correction has come to an end, but it does not mean that the price has begun to go crazy again. After all, the CSRC has only spoken in the early stage to prevent the market from soaring and plummeting. As for whether funds are obedient, it is really a difficult question to answer

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