The hottest rising prospect is bright. Zoomlion's

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Rising prospects are bright Zoomlion's 22 yuan project price is in sight

rising prospects are bright Zoomlion's 22 yuan project price is in sight

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Guide: among the eight rabbit year jump stocks recommended last day, Zoomlion is the first "jump" temporarily. On the day of the evaluation, Zoomlion closed at 18.38 yuan and closed at 19.84 yuan on the 17th. In just three trading days, the share price rose by about 8%. Zoomlion is the shortest H-share among the eight jump stocks I recommend

among the eight jump stocks of the year of the rabbit recommended last day, Zoomlion is the first one that is "the most jump" temporarily. On the day of the evaluation, Zoomlion closed at 18.38 yuan and closed at 19.84 yuan on the 17th. In just three trading days, the share price rose by about 8%

Zoomlion is the shortest history of H-share among the eight jump stocks I recommend. The company issued H-shares in Hong Kong at the end of December last year, However, it happened that the market returned to the normal test state (if adjusted at 3 o'clock, plus several new shares had temporarily retreated at that time. Therefore, in addition to the slightly better international placement, the response to public subscription was not satisfactory, and finally the price could only be set at 14.98 yuan close to the lower limit (the bidding price range is 13..98 yuan.

however, although Zoomlion is not a cup of tea for retail investors, international investors are sensible. When the market atmosphere improved a little, the buying of institutional investors poured in, making the stock the most powerful one and a half new shares in the near future.

in the short term, the stock has just been included as a constituent stock by the Morgan Stanley China Index, and will take effect after the closing of the market on February 28. Therefore, there will be at least US $110million index The passive buying of the fund, coupled with other speculation, naturally makes the stock price stronger

however, from the perspective of basic factors, the stock is indeed worthy of attention and follow-up

actively expand overseas business

according to mainland media reports, on the first working day of the year of the rabbit, a total of 286 sets of concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery and other full series of construction machinery were delivered in batches to users all over the world in the Science Park of Zoomlion headquarters in Changsha, realizing sales (4) the relative uncertainty U4 introduced by measurement repeatability; The sales revenue exceeded 790 million yuan (RMB, the same below)

790 million yuan is not a large amount, because the company's turnover in 2009 has reached 20.7 billion yuan, but this is a good start for the year of the rabbit, and it also symbolizes that Zoomlion will accelerate its pace and expand overseas business after completing the H-share listing at the end of 2010

Zoomlion is a heavy machinery and equipment stock. Its main products include concrete machinery, hoisting machinery (both accounting for nearly 80% of the company's turnover), environmental sanitation machinery, pavement and piling machinery, material conveying machinery and systems, as well as special vehicles and cars used in infrastructure activities

based on the turnover of 20.7 billion yuan in 2009, she is the second largest construction machinery manufacturer in the mainland and the tenth largest in the world. The so-called tenth largest machinery manufacturer in the world is not in vain. The company has indeed gone out of China and successfully established business networks overseas. At present, it has more than 100 overseas distributors

according to the turnover in recent years, overseas business accounts for about 10% of the business volume of Zoomlion, which is not very important, but it is a driving force for the company's future growth

determined to challenge world-class companies

at present, Zoomlion's competitors are still mainly Asian companies, but the medium and long-term goal is, of course, to challenge international giants. Based on all kinds of information, including the external statements of the company's management, it can be confirmed that the company is quite determined to "impact" the ranks of world-class companies

last year, 33.4% of the proceeds were used to expand operations and services in major overseas countries and regions, and the other 10% were used to supplement overseas working capital

in fact, Zoomlion was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as early as 2000, and then issued H-shares in Hong Kong in 2010. One of its purposes is to vigorously develop the overseas market in combination with overseas capital

according to the prospectus, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been producing experimental machines for customers in good faith for so many years, adhering to the principle of large manufacturers. You can rest assured that you can use our product data. The company plans to strengthen the research facilities in the United States and Europe within three to five years, and the U.S. market will focus on the research and development of concrete machinery and lifting machinery; The European market focuses on the research and development of crawler cranes, all terrain truck cranes, truck mounted cranes and aerial work platforms

don't underestimate the growth momentum of such large machinery and equipment stocks. The company's profit in 2009 was 2.447 billion yuan, and the profit in the first half of last year has reached 2.202 billion yuan. According to the prospectus, the annual profit this year will be no less than 4.3 billion yuan, or an annual increase of 76%. This is a very good number, and it is also the driving force to support the stock to become a strong stock this year

at the end of last year, when Zoomlion recruited the Chinese side to be willing and able to list through the China Mongolia close cooperation stock, I estimated that the stock should have a 50% profit growth this year. Based on the then IPO ceiling of 18.89 yuan, the predicted P/E ratio was about 15 times. Although the stock had risen to 19.84 yuan yesterday, the overall valuation was still cheap. The estimated one-year target price of 22 yuan at that time seemed to be in sight. The target price will be raised after the company announced its performance last year

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