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Excellent risk control! In recent years, with the development of the mobile Internet era, the financial industry has continued to innovate in user management, transaction authorization, risk control and other aspects, and artificial intelligence has gradually become brilliant in the financial field. The rapid development of artificial intelligence is caused by the development needs of the financial industry itself. The application of big data and artificial intelligence technology has played a vital role in strengthening risk control management in the Internet financial industry

the layout of the financial industry in artificial intelligence, industry easy loan closely follows the "protection technology flow immediately in case of abnormal conditions"

at present, there are many successful cases of the application of artificial intelligence in the financial field at home and abroad. Wealthfront and betterment in the United States and moneyontoast in the United Kingdom have successfully introduced AI into investment and wealth management; In China, the industry giants led by ant financial and China Merchants Bank took the lead in using artificial intelligence for asset allocation, accurate crowd portrait, intelligent audit and visual intelligent customer service. They analyzed and predicted the user's behavior needs through big data, intelligently optimized the business, and improved work efficiency and quality

in addition to the giants taking the lead in deploying AI, many small and medium-sized enterprises are also actively deploying AI. Tracing back to the origin of the brand, Zhongye Yidai, driven by the three cores of data + technology + scenario, focuses on the research and development of artificial intelligence risk control and financial big data, always chasing the top financial industry technology, develops xingdun intelligent decision engine system, automatically identifies credit risks through big data and AI intelligent risk control, and provides convenient loan services for credit granting people

big data + artificial intelligence build Star Shield closed-loop risk control

electronic universal experimental machine over the years, with the continuous deepening of China e-Loan in big data risk control and artificial intelligence technology, with the help of rapidly expanding platform data and deep learning system, China e-Loan combines its own advantages with market demand, and based on sound security technology and big data risk control system, launched an intelligent risk decision engine system - "Star Shield". Build a rigorous and scientific business closed-loop process through "Star Shield" + artificial intelligence, provide users with bank level security management experience, and realize the intelligent and personalized operation of financial services

① establish users' credit portraits, and grade users' credit limits

② establish social behavior models, Take the user's contacts as a reference for credit rating

③ establish a blacklist system to open a green channel for high-quality credit users. On the other hand, provide blacklist user queries to prevent blacklist users from malicious applications

and poor anti-interference ability. Through multi-dimensional data analysis, we can more accurately evaluate the credit and quota of loan users, provide strong data support for loan decision-making, and help improve the platform's risk decision-making ability

deepen the multi link examination and approval of the whole process of intelligent risk control and show its strength

at the same time, China e-Loan introduces artificial intelligence into the pre loan audit process, combines face recognition technology with big data risk control, and carries out user authentication through intelligent face recognition, which can not only improve the authenticity of loan user information, but also improve the efficiency of loan audit process, help the platform realize intelligent operation, and improve work efficiency and quality

from the data analysis of loan users before the loan, the monitoring and approval during the loan and the monitoring and early warning after the loan, China e-Loan has established a complete and standardized risk control system by using the artificial intelligence risk control system, which has greatly improved the user's service experience and efficiency, reduced labor costs and strengthened risk control

in the future, China e-Loan will continue to practice the concept of Inclusive Finance, strive to improve its scientific and technological strength, strengthen the exploration and optimization of artificial intelligence and big data technology, use artificial intelligence and big data technology to continuously improve the platform risk control architecture, and create more safe and convenient financial services for users

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