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Wind River and NEC jointly expand the portable Linux market

Wind River, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel, recently announced that wind river will work with NEC Electronics to develop Linux solutions for the portable device Market (such as multimedia players and mobile TVs). As the first Linux solution of this cooperation, NEC Electronics will launch a software development tool kit (SDK) based on Wind River Linux technology for its Emma mobile 1 product, providing the most ideal system LSI chip for audio and video (a/v) data processing of portable devices. In addition, based on Fenghe Linux technology, the SDK of Emma series products for the digital multimedia consumer electronic device market will be launched at the end of September yesterday morning and in 2010

the SDK jointly launched by Fenghe and NEC will be used together with the hardware development kit, which can not only help developers test and evaluate the system performance of Emma mobile 1, but also support them to develop various middleware and software. Moreover, with the help of Wind River professional service, they can smoothly migrate the original Linux solutions to the commercial Linux platform of Wind River, and then enjoy the world's top technical support services and rich partner system support

nec electronics has been focusing on steadily expanding its digital consumer electronics market, paying special attention to the research and development of portable audio/video systems, such as multimedia players and mobile TVs. NEC Electronics launched its first Emma mobile chip product in November 2008, providing a solution with stable and efficient multimedia processing capabilities, which can be used to design products that meet lower equipment energy consumption levels. The SDK launched this time fully integrates the device drivers and media components of Fenghe Linux technology and NEC Electronics. Designers and developers can also use the new platform to engage in middleware development and further expand the application and market fields

masao Hirasawa, general manager of SoC system business department of NEC Electronics, said: "By launching the platformovia partner program, NEC Electronics has carried out in-depth cooperation with 39 partners with outstanding professional and technical strength in the industry, and continuously provided middleware solutions necessary for system development. Today, we have further strengthened our close cooperation with Fenghe to jointly provide portable a/v device users with a comprehensive solution suite to fully meet customers' needs to expand Linux operating system support. This joint effort The solution platform provides customers with the development tools they need, which can help them design higher performance and more competitive equipment products, and greatly shorten the time to market. "

Vincent rerolle, senior vice president of Fenghe and general manager of Linux products division, said: "NEC Electronics chose to use Fenghe's products to build their SDK, which brought customers a highly stable and brand-new product experience, and provided industry manufacturers with a clear path to the development and evolution of commercial Linux platform."

in July 2009, Fenghe company was rated as "the leading manufacturer in the embedded Linux market" by VDC research group. In 2008, Fenghe achieved a market share of more than 30% of the total market revenue, up to 7 percentage points ahead of its closely followed competitors. As early as 2000, Fenghe gonghaizheng group started to cooperate with Changchun, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are chemical research institutes with low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties. In 2004, the Cooperation Department officially entered the Linux business, forming an excellent complementary pattern for its proprietary operating system VxWorks, which occupies a market leading position

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nec Electronics' latest SDK samples have been officially launched. For more information about NEC Electronics' Emma mobile product family, please visit

about NEC Electronics

nec electronics corporation specializes in the R & D and manufacturing of semiconductor electronic products, including advanced technology solutions for high-end computing and broadband network communication markets, mobile system solutions, PC peripherals, vehicle and digital consumer electronics markets, and multi market solutions for a wider range of consumer electronics applications. NEC Electronics has 25 subsidiaries worldwide, including NEC Electronics North America and NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH. For more information about NEC Electronics, please visit

about wind river system company

Wind River is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel (nasdaq: INTC), and is also the world's leading provider of device software optimization (DSO). Fenghe company supports enterprises to develop, operate and manage equipment software with faster speed, better quality, lower cost and higher reliability. Wind River platforms are pre integrated and fully standardized enterprise level solutions, which can help enterprises greatly reduce their human, material and financial costs and optimize the quality and reliability of software at all stages of the whole process of software development, from conceptual design to product forming

For more than 20 years, Fenghe's products and professional services have been recognized in many important market areas, mainly including space and national defense, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, industrial equipment and network infrastructure. Electronic equipment manufacturers all over the world generally regard the timely replacement of sealing rings or combination gaskets for the equipment and software products of Fenghe company as the industry standard. Wind River equipment software is also widely used in aerospace equipment, including NASA's spirit Mars probe and Boeing aircraft. Improving the reliability of products and accelerating the speed of product listing are the enterprise philosophy that Fenghe company has always adhered to

Fenghe company was founded in 1981, headquartered in Alameda, California, USA, with offices all over the world. For more information about Fenghe, please visit

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