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Jaguar inkjet machine: a rising star in the inkjet industry

integrates the advantages of large and small inkjet models at home and abroad, and has been recognized by more and more users with its extraordinary stability. In the increasingly fierce spray painting industry, the market share is rising, and has become a recognized rising star in the industry

Jaguar inkjet machine is divided into three types: type A (cloth strap), type B (double rubber rollers) and type C (single rubber roller). All of them adopt the down spraying method, and the actual spraying picture has 2.5m, 2.8m and 3.2m. The sprinkler adopts xjl28, which has four layouts: 8, 12, 16 and 24. Speed m2/h

Jaguar inkjet machine integrates the strengths of many families, and everything is for the sake of users

Jaguar inkjet printer has two modes: 16 nozzles and 24 nozzles. Users can install them on their own without the presence of the manufacturer. The number of sprinklers (or 8, 12 or 20), one investment, no need to spend money to upgrade. The functions of automatic cloth collection, automatic cleaning, automatic edge finding, automatic deviation correction, double-sided spray painting and front and rear heating can be freely selected and matched, and users can do what they can and get what they want

control system -- a powerful guarantee to maintain a very low failure rate

at present, there are two kinds of XJ nozzle control systems used in China: self-developed and purchased. There is no doubt that the self-developed system has obvious advantages, which can not only provide services in place, but also improve and upgrade. Jaguar inkjet machine adopts a self-developed control system. After years of practical verification and several improvements and upgrades, it has formed the aurora borealis control system with complete functions and stable operation

Aurora Borealis control system: with only one main control board, one color separation board and two data lines, all functions such as power supply, motion, nozzle control, data transmission, ink supply control are compatible. In addition, the data line adopts the pressure card type instead of the plug-in type, which not only reduces the failure points, but also improves the stability, which is the main reason for the extremely low failure rate of Jaguar plotter

mechanical system -- perfect unity of performance and servo

This year

as we all know, the piezoelectric nozzle control technology that has plagued manufacturers in the past few years has been relatively mature. At present, the failure point of the inkjet machine is mainly concentrated in the mechanical movement. To ensure that the movement of the two mechanical axes is carried out alternately, the requirement of repeated positioning accuracy is so high (0.10mm). In addition, the movement of the cloth feeding mechanism is flexible media, so it is simply impossible not to take it seriously

Jaguar inkjet machine adopts Panasonic servo system, Neugart reducer, Abba guide rail and igus supporting chain to form X-axis motion; The y-axis motion is composed of bagra stepping motor, Neugart reducer and rubber roller pressing wheel; High quality imported parts fundamentally ensure the accuracy, strength and performance of the whole machine

based on sufficient research and scientific experiments, Jaguar inkjet machine applies a set of double roll cloth feeding mechanism with cloth guide rollers, which not only completely solves the problems of canvas deviation, folding and scraping the nozzle, but also adopts the flat plate down spraying method, which also makes the nozzle plate self processing, nozzle installation and isobaric ink supply achieve a perfect unity. In addition, the arrangement of nozzles is also an important factor affecting the speed and quality of painting, which should not be underestimated. Spraying four colors in the same row is much more scientific than layered coverage, which can increase the fusion performance of various colors and make the ejected picture more bright and realistic

ink supply system -- smoothly fill up with sufficient adjustment of the proportions of the three ingredients, and point to the right place

the problem of ink supply has always been a technical problem that puzzles manufacturers and users. Because the positive pressure ink supply of the inkjet machine uses the vacuum pressure formed by the surface atmospheric pressure and the nozzle ceramic oscillation, the function of the attachment is mainly used to fix the sample force, so that the ink in the ink cartridge naturally flows into the nozzle. The amount of ink supply is not only related to the oscillation frequency of the nozzle, but also related to the viscosity of the ink, indoor temperature and atmospheric pressure

Jaguar inkjet machine adopts the scheme of cartridge heating and liquid level adjustment, which fundamentally reduces the impact of temperature and pressure on ink supply on the premise of ensuring a certain nozzle oscillation frequency and ink purchase channel. The effect is excellent, and provides a fundamental guarantee for normal use in areas with different temperature differences and air pressures. In addition, the ink supply system of the Jaguar inkjet machine is a jointless conveying system, which is free of air leakage and ink leakage, smooth and sufficient, and in place

it can be declared by adjusting the gap between the guide wheel and the column:

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