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For chemical products with strong water absorption, corrosion and easy oxidation, ordinary plastic woven bags and paper bags are far from meeting the packaging requirements. In response to this problem, Hebei Xiongxian Xuri Packaging Co., Ltd. has introduced international advanced equipment. At present, it has produced seven layer and nine layer co extruded high barrier packaging bags, which effectively solves the problems of high barrier and strong corrosion resistance in the packaging of some chemical products

the seven and nine layer high barrier packaging bag adopts pe/tie/pa/evoh/pa/tie/pe structure. The nine layer bag has two layers of PA (nylon) and two layers of PE (polyethylene), which has the characteristics of strong barrier ability, long shelf life, compression and fall resistance, high strength, tensile resistance, etc. PA has water and oxygen resistance, and has excellent puncture resistance, tensile strength and fall resistance; PE has the function of water resistance, and two layers of PE consolidate the water resistance; EVOH is one of the best barrier materials at present. The use of EVOH can greatly improve the oxygen and water resistance of the film. Provincial governments should not only improve the relevant financial funds and support policies, but also extend the protection of chemical products. More and more automobile OEMs began to consider choosing environmental protection materials with low emission characteristics to improve the quality of air quality in vehicles. According to the introduction, at present, most chemical packaging uses a universal testing machine with a thickness of 7 wires to puncture the universal testing machine to meet the parameters: a seven layer coextrusion packaging film with 12 wires can meet the requirements, while the thickness of five layers must be less than 15 wires to meet the requirements. At this time, the force measuring pointer of Xiong's experimental machine quickly regressed. At present, the county Xuri packaging company has become the leading manufacturer of multi-layer coextrusion high barrier vacuum packaging film in China, and its products are exported to Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. (guohaijun)

reprinted from: China Chemical News

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