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Risk control: be alert to the sword of Damocles of construction machinery

risk control: be alert to the sword of Damocles of construction machinery

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Guide: when the market is good, the market is like a rich river, which is wide and busy carrying agents and users; When the market is depressed, the market is like a river in the dry season, and many reefs that were originally submerged below the water level are exposed, making the originally narrowed river more dangerous

when the market is good, the market is like a rich river 2 Please note that the cold and hot shock testing machine must be safely and accurately connected to the ground, and the river carrying agents and users is wide and busy; When the market is depressed, the market is like a river in the dry season, and many "reefs" that were originally submerged below the water level are exposed, making the originally narrowed river more dangerous

the proportion of accounts receivable remains high; The proportion of bad debts and bad debts increased; The users who bought the equipment "disappeared" together with the equipment, and the disputes over the collection of arrears were finally brought to court... Since 2011, these phenomena have increased frequently, and the whole construction machinery market is facing a huge crisis and test. Like dry water waiting

it can be seen that strengthening risk control and how to strengthen risk control is and must be the key that all OEMs and agents need to explore next

say goodbye to low down payment and zero down payment

during the financial crisis in 2008, financial leasing was in the ascendant and became an effective means to ensure market operation. However, financial leasing is a double-edged sword. If it is not used well, there are three ways to change the resonant frequency: changing the quality of the counterweight; Change the number of accumulators; Changing the sectional area of the pipeline connecting the hydraulic cylinder and the accumulator will hurt yourself. As time goes by, China's construction machinery industry has rapidly warmed up and created the most prosperous period in history. At this time, financial leasing has become the amplifier of the market. In order to compete for a larger market share, such irregular behaviors as low down payment and zero down payment quietly appear

the products have been sold, but the cash cannot be recovered for the moment. The financial leasing companies established by enterprises or agents carry the financial pressure on their own shoulders, but in fact, this is a test of the financial strength of enterprises. If the market does not improve for a long time, this sales method will be fraught with risks

facing the increasing risks, some enterprises began to try to give up the sales mode of low down payment and zero down payment. Cheng Tian, general manager of a loader sales agent in Beijing, said that now they have very high requirements for the down payment and deposit of users' financial leasing. The proportion of down payment plus deposit of some products should reach more than 30% of the total amount of equipment. Qiu Hua, head of the risk control department of a Beijing agent mainly engaged in crane sales, said that the prospect of their down payment plus guaranteed fund-raising project is not the only question of Xinxiang Chemical fiber, and the deposit is also required to exceed 20% of the total amount of equipment

since the enterprise has chosen the sales method of financial leasing, it must correctly understand the risks that this behavior may bring, and cannot let its marketing policy not abide by the due rules simply for the sake of sales

risk control is a large department

Qiu Hua is also the chief risk control representative of the OEM agent in Beijing, leading a risk control team composed of nearly 20 people. According to him, the host enterprise has more than 200 risk control managers, and the team is extremely large. He believes that risk control management should be a large department. Only by paying attention to risk control earlier can we control the overdue rate and ensure the safety of the capital chain

at present, many agents are establishing or have established risk control management departments. However, due to weak experience, the organizational structure is not mature. Qiu Hua's suggestion is to establish a scientific organizational structure and set posts and responsibilities. At the same time, the awareness of risk control should be implemented in the hearts of every employee of the OEM marketing team and agents to ensure the orderly and effective implementation of risk control

Jin Wei, an excavator brand agent in Beijing, said that now, some main engine manufacturers have put forward requirements for agents on accounts receivable. If a certain proportion of accounts cannot be recovered on schedule, points will be deducted in the assessment of management fees and other aspects; If it can be overfulfilled, it will be rewarded in some aspects. Reward and assessment are secondary, and helping agents establish risk control awareness is the key to the problem

what should be controlled by risk control

first, strictly review and strengthen user communication. In the user review, it is particularly worth mentioning the early credit review. Many times, after the risk occurs, there will be a phenomenon that the agent can't find any use to continue to run the forum or find the user and find that he has no money to pay back. In fact, this is often caused by the agent's neglect of strict credit review

second, ensure the installation and use of GPS. At present, there is a bad atmosphere in China's construction machinery industry. GPS is dismantled without permission, and some maintenance enterprises even offer to help dismantle it. In order to ensure the preparation and effective equipment tracking, enterprises should strengthen the management of GPS equipment. Once it is found that there is a demolition phenomenon, even if it is free, it should be installed again

third, improve the overall quality of risk control personnel. The quality of risk control personnel directly determines the enterprise's risk control ability and the size of possible risks in the future. Whether sending chief risk control representatives with high business level to the regional branches or regularly training risk control personnel are effective measures to improve the overall quality of the team

fourth, we will never tolerate users who owe money. On the one hand, enterprises do not want to lose any users; On the other hand, users may seize the corporate psychology to default on loans. If the user qualification is carefully and accurately evaluated in the early stage, the probability of this problem will be very low. Once it happens, no matter what legal and reasonable measures are taken, enterprises must resolutely stop it in order to minimize the losses of enterprises

fifth, strengthen the assessment of agents. Establish a strict agent assessment system, starting from the source of sales, and urge agents to gradually turn pressure into power. Among them, the management of sales personnel is particularly important

in today's actual sales process, in order to achieve greater sales performance, individual salespersons use the market's improvement and the company's loose sales policies to privately enlarge the margin of preference, but in the end they are unable to fulfill their commitments, which will not only lead to misunderstandings and disputes between the company and users, but also make users question the credit of the enterprise

Both Cheng Tian and Qiu Hua said that nowadays, the company first has clear provisions on the terms of reference of salespersons in sales, and many salespersons themselves are aware of the serious interpretation of the company's sales policies. Sales behaviors like exaggeration are rarely seen again

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