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Rising entered the field of industrial control safety and released the industrial control intelligent analysis system for the first time

in recent years, industrial control system safety incidents have continued to erupt. From major events such as earthquake virus, Ukrainian power blackout, Korean nuclear power plant data leakage, wannacry virus variant invading TSMC, it can be seen that the potential safety hazards of industrial control system have caused great harm to society and even individuals, It seriously affects the normal development and operation of a country

according to the white paper on industrial information security situation released by the national industrial information security development research center, as of November 2017, the number of industrial control systems and equipment exposed to the Internet worldwide has exceeded 100000, an increase of 43% over the end of 2016. As more and more industrial control systems are exposed to the Internet, it becomes easier for hackers to purposefully detect and target attacks. In addition, the vulnerability excavation and release of industrial control systems are increasing day by day. A large number of security vulnerabilities and attack methods of industrial control systems can be spread through various public or semi public channels such as interconnection, and hackers and other criminals can easily obtain and take advantage of them

figure: more and more industrial control systems are exposed to the Internet

according to the data of cnvd (national information security vulnerability sharing platform) and listening, as of December 31, 2018, 125 industrial vulnerabilities of industrial control systems have been added in 2018, including 19 high-risk vulnerabilities, 2 medium risk vulnerabilities and 104 low-risk vulnerabilities. These data show that there are huge potential safety risks in the industrial control system. Once it is used, it is easy to cause destructive consequences

in such an environment, in order to improve the information security protection ability of industrial control systems of industrial enterprises and promote the development of industrial information security industry, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the action plan for information security of industrial control systems (2018-2020). This has formulated a timetable and road map for the safety assurance work of the industry, defined the development direction of relevant departments and enterprises, and provided basis and guidance for better carrying out industrial control safety work

figure: China has launched corresponding policies to improve the safety of industrial control networks.

the experimental machine of rising company requires great efforts to complete. As a well-known domestic network security enterprise, it is duty bound in the safety of industrial control networks. On May 16, the intelligent analysis system of rising industrial control was released at the spring conference of 019. This is a set of threat perception and early warning system deployed in the field of industrial control. It can sniff the threat flow, analyze the latest data in real time, and warn and intercept the threat. At the same time, it provides a complete solution to the security risk, and further protects the industrial control environment from invasion

figure: rising company launched rising industrial control intelligent analysis system

according to the introduction, rising industrial control intelligent analysis system is mainly aimed at national key industries and fields such as energy, transportation and water conservancy, which can be planned and built according to its business characteristics to help users in this field build industrial control network security solutions. Through the analysis and accumulation of network attack behavior characteristics of rising company over the years, combined with the loopholes that have exploded in the industrial control field, all production processes are fully automated, forming a huge industrial control intrusion feature library, extracting multidimensional eigenvalues, to realize the detection of intrusion traffic, so as to help users accurately identify network security threats

figure: the main functions of Ruixing industrial control intelligent analysis system

at the same time, Ruixing industrial control intelligent analysis system can also sniff the network data, collect and analyze the threat data according to specific rules, timely warn the current threat, and display the detailed description of the threat, risk level, solutions and other relevant information, combined with other network security products of Ruixing company, Form a complete set of industrial control network security defense overall solution

industrial control safety is an indispensable and important part of the national network safety construction. The purpose of Ruixing company's release of industrial control network safety products this time is to respond to the national call and better protect the national core construction, so as to ensure that key enterprises under the national industrial control system can operate steadily in a safe, stable and efficient network environment

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