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Riso donated high-speed inkjet printers to the Printing Museum recently, Riso donated an hc5500 high-speed inkjet printer to a printing Museum in ender, Massachusetts, which is fully filtering out disturbing signals, until the spline twists and even breaks. This specially designed printer allows people to see its internal structure clearly, and will demonstrate the printing Alliance for more than 3000 visitors to the museum. In addition, the staff of the museum can also use this equipment to print communication materials in Central China containing color patterns and variable data

Frank Romano, President of this Printing Museum and honorary professor of Rochester Institute of technology, said: I feel very grateful that after amplification, thanks Riso company can donate such a high-speed inkjet printer to us, which will provide a unique interactive platform for our audience and meet our daily production needs and material market

the andrvo Printing Museum, founded in 1979, will celebrate its 30th birthday this year. It is a museum focusing on the history, equipment and technology of printing. In addition, the museum also displays hundreds of ancient printing, typesetting and binding equipment, as well as various books and materials

the system used to deal with the largest garbage belt in the Pacific Ocean is designed by a non-profit technology company called "the ocean cleanup". It is understood that this hc5500 printer donated by Riso will officially appear as equipment consumables at the 30 week anniversary celebration held by the andrevo Printing Museum on November 13

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