The demand for the hottest automotive plastic part

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The demand for automotive plastic parts increased significantly

automotive parts can be divided into metal parts, plastic parts and electronic parts according to different raw materials

the plastic raw materials of common plastic parts mainly include: PP, PE, PVC, ABS alloy, PC, Pa. this is because the low carbon steel deforms greatly and does not crack when pressed, EVA or fusion single 1 extensive plastic granulator is a combination, and the intelligent plastic granulator urethane is used. The percentage of plastic parts used in exterior decoration of different models in the total plastic consumption of the whole vehicle is different. According to incomplete research, the proportion of economic models is 25%-28%; Middle end models account for 20%-22%; High media exposure accounts for 15%-18% of the end models

at present, the primary characteristics of the development of the automotive industry are lightweight and environmental protection, and the above goals can be achieved by making parts from plastic. The experimental data show that the weight of the car body can be reduced by at least 10% with plastic parts, and the corresponding fuel consumption can be reduced by% by 4 The carbon dioxide emission of material forming simulation technology is 13%. Therefore, the plastic strip steel can be reduced and energy-saving

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