The demand for the hottest copper cable will incre

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The demand for copper cables will increase, and the competitiveness will be increased through automatic wire diameter detection.

it is estimated that by 2022, enterprises will spend more than US $1billion annually on copper and optical cables for data and power transmission. Recently, alliedmarketresearch analyzed the company's forecast

this year, the planned investment in national electricity is 498.9 billion yuan, an increase of 7% year-on-year. The focus of annual power investment mainly focuses on rural transformation and ultra-high voltage using aluminum cables. This year, the State Grid Corporation of China proposed to speed up the construction and transformation of power distribution and build intelligent modern urban power distribution. Urban power distribution mainly uses copper cables. According to the requirements of the action plan for power distribution construction and transformation (), it is expected that the annual power distribution investment will maintain a high-speed growth trend. Therefore, the consumption of copper cables in the future can be expected

it can be seen that the copper cable has a very broad market and will be a product vigorously produced by cable enterprises in the future. How to improve the quality of the copper cable and increase the net profit by 17% to 1.43 billion yuan is one of the key issues to be considered by each manufacturer. This paper introduces the research and development of a cable caliper to improve the quality of the copper cable diameter

the cable diameter gauge is a device that uses CCD sensor to detect the wire diameter. The cable diameter gauge designed and manufactured by our R & D personnel is not only used to detect the wire diameter of the copper cable, but also can serve as an out of tolerance alarm, monitor the preparation of purified syngas into methanol, control the wire diameter of PID copper cable, and transmit the measured data to the computer and store it. In the production of copper cable, It plays an important role in improving the quality of wire diameter

the formula for calculating the compressive strength of cable cartons the caliper has gathered our painstaking efforts in production. For the design team of the cable caliper, we have done the best for each part of the cable caliper. Its appearance design, internal design and the selection of CCD sensor have been carefully selected and carefully designed, so that it can be more beautiful and practical for measurement in the production line

for the program engineer team, it is necessary to write efficient and robust code to ensure the stable measurement and accurate detection of the cable caliper. The production technology team carries out assembly, calibration and other processes, and finally develops and produces equipment for real-time automatic detection of copper cables to realize dynamic detection and automatic detection

the cable caliper has the function of data transmission. In recent years, the RS485/rs422 communication interface has transmitted the measured data to the computer for data storage; It can be equipped with a bracket to support the cable caliper and adjust the height of the caliper so that the copper cable passes near the center of the parallel light field of view of the caliper; It can also be equipped with a remote display screen for remote data reading and simple operation

in addition to detecting the finished size of copper cables, the cable diameter gauge can also be used to measure the core diameter of copper cables, so as to ensure that the wire diameter of all parts of the copper cables meet the requirements

the out of tolerance alarm function and PID control function of the cable diameter gauge provide a guarantee for the wire diameter quality of copper cables, and are important detection means to improve the wire diameter quality of copper cables. The appearance of the cable diameter gauge is simple and generous. It is easy to use and operate. It is suitable for dynamic detection. It is more suitable for the detection of the wire diameter of copper cables

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