The demand for the hottest high-performance adhesi

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The mechanical manufacturing industry of high-performance adhesive plastic blowing machine has a huge demand for high-tech adhesives.

with the idea of protecting the environment and cherishing resources becoming more and more popular, the environmental friendly characteristics of adhesives such as high solid content, solvent-free, water-based and light curing will be paid more and more attention, and high-performance environmental friendly adhesives will become a new favorite in the market

at present, the annual growth rate of high-performance and high-quality adhesives in the domestic market is more than 12%

it is understood that from the perspective of supply and demand, the oversupply of general-purpose medium and low-grade products in China's adhesive industry is still very serious, and the market accessories are mainly used to fix samples, and the competition is more intense. These products mainly include: propionate pressure sensitive adhesive for BOOP film and paper base; EVA hot-melt adhesive and hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive used for book wireless binding (medium and low speed) are the key and their labels, neoprene, common silicone sealant, etc

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