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Glass: slightly improved demand, tepid recommendation of 7 shares

overview of domestic glass prices this week: the price of glass in the original film market fell in the north and rose in the south, and the price of large inventory in Shahe area decreased slightly; East China, central China and Northwest China experienced a slight price drop affected by the Shahe price reduction in the early stage. The East China and South China meetings were held to increase the price by RMB/weight box, and enterprises responded one after another. After the Shahe festival in North China, the inventory fell by 1 yuan/weight box, and the price drop again affected a wide range; In East China, affected by the impact of the Shahe River, there was a slight decline for the world factory. However, on the 12th, the two places held a meeting again and decided to raise the price by yuan/weight box; The market in Central China is stable, and some enterprises cut prices slightly; South China thought that the demand was OK and the inventory was normal, and held a meeting to raise RMB/weight box; The low price level in Southwest China remained stable, and inventories decreased slightly. The demand in Northeast China gradually recovers with the warming weather, but thanks again for the strong support given to our company by the majority of users. Affected by Shahe, the price of Northwest market is reduced. At present, the inventory is still high, and the demand has not significantly warmed up

weekly price tracking of listed companies and regional leading glass: from April 1 to 13, the prices of key enterprises in North and central China remained unchanged, while those in East and South China rose slightly. The price of North China CSG remained unchanged, that of East China Jinjing rose by 1 yuan/weight box, that of central China Qibin remained unchanged, that of South China Xinyi rose by 4 yuan/weight box, that of Southwest CSG remained unchanged, that of Northwest Bluestar remained unchanged, and that of northeast Yaohua remained unchanged

inventory and raw materials: the inventory reached a new high, the high level of heavy oil was maintained, and the low level of soda ash was maintained. (1) In the first ten days of April, the glass inventory was 29.67 million weight boxes, an increase of 77% at the same time and a decrease of 0.15%, slightly higher than the historical high at the beginning of 2008. The high inventory level was maintained and continued to reach a new high; (2) In the first ten days of April, the ratio of inventory to effective capacity reached 12.8, rising for half a year in a row, slightly lower than the historical high of 16 in 2008. The glass inventory showed an upward trend for two consecutive months. (3) Raw material side: the price of heavy oil rose again at a high level. This week, the price of heavy oil in North China rose to 5200 yuan/ton, up 16.9% at the same time and 2% in a ring. The price of soda ash remains unchanged, and there is little upward pressure in the future. The price of high-end heavy soda ash in East China remained at 1600 yuan/ton, down 11.8% on the same period and unchanged on a month on month basis. The coal price rebounded slightly this week, and the price of Qinhuangdao (5500 kcal) remained at 775 yuan/ton

demand side: it is much better than that at the beginning of the year, but it is still declining year-on-year. Recently, the demand of enterprises in the South has picked up significantly; The operating rate of downstream processing plants gradually picks up in the northeast and northwest markets as the weather turns warmer day by day; The shortage of funds affects the construction progress of the project, and the production of large processing enterprises can be barely maintained

future market price outlook: the demand in the south is gradually slow, and the demand in the north is about to start, but the inventory is still high; In April, the cold repair with water discharge occurred again; Enterprises in East China and South China have held meetings to raise prices one after another, and whether the subsequent price increases are effective depends on the recovery of demand. The restart of cold repair in April is expected to trigger a new round of kiln shutdown trend, and it is expected to form a bottom upward elasticity in the second half of the year. There will be two opportunities for the glass sector in the future. One is to keep up with the downstream real estate sales during the first half of the year. If the data warms up, there will be trading opportunities; The second is a new rising cycle in the second half of the year after bottoming out in the first half of the year. Attention of listed companies: CSG, Jinjing technology and Qibin group, which have large upward elasticity space in float cycle; The "12th Five Year Plan" for new materials supports energy-saving Low-E and new energy TCO and other deep-processing glasses: xiuqiang Co., Ltd., yamadun, Beibo Co., Ltd. and AVIC Sanxin

under the economic internal circulation, we will strengthen the early layout and development of strategic cutting-edge materials such as superconducting materials, nano materials and graphene. In April 2021, China · Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry.

2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes. Under the strong strategic deployment of the national policy, China is gradually [details]

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