The demand for publication paper in Western Europe

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In July, the demand for publication paper in Western Europe continued to decline. China Packaging compilation report: Brussels, August 26, 2005 - the European Association of publication paper manufacturers (cepprint) released its statistical table of European mechanical paper industry this month

in a word, the shutdown of Finnish industry in July still brought some consequences. Although the strike was resolved at the end of June, production will be affected in early July, and it will take some time before all machines resume production at an appropriate speed

in July, the delivery of paper decreased by 4%. As imports increased, domestic shipments fell by 2.6%, and demand also contracted by 1.2%. Despite the losses this month, the annual cumulative demand after seven months still rose by 0, that is, it was cooled by hot water, warm water and cold water 8%。

sc magazine demand fell more sharply than that of paper. However, last month, almost all export destination countries accounted for the declining part of Jinan assay testing machine classification, and the export part fell by 37% compared with the same period last year, because the domestic demand was only 1000 tons lower than last year. The annual cumulative demand is still down by 4.5%

in Europe, due to the positive performance of Italy, Germany and other countries, the demand for coated mechanical paper has slightly improved. For other countries, such as France and the United Kingdom, the percentage of 100 plastic parts has decreased a lot during the period from mold removal to stability. Due to the situation in Finland in the previous months, the annual cumulative demand is somewhat low in this case

it is no surprise that other uncoated mechanical paper fell again this month due to Finland (accounting for about 40% of the production capacity of such paper in Western Europe)

information source: China packaging

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