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Now, the development of door and window shopping malls is approaching maturity. In the face of fierce competition in door and window shopping malls, major door and window investment companies also need to strengthen the innovation of commodities and the differentiated design ability of commodities. Originally, as the door and window industry, dealers are an important part of the final end sale, so investment promotion is a compulsory course, and the accuracy of investment promotion is very important for door and window companies

accurately determine the dealers

it is appropriate for door and window companies to attract investment. Therefore, it is not easy to find a dealer who meets the "eye" in a "blind date". Before selecting dealers, we should check the company's own capital, think about the company's brand, goods, ways and regional management from the perspective of development, make an objective analysis and judgment of our own strength, and think about the changes brought about by changes

goods are the key to attracting dealers

goods are the central key of door and window companies. As for a potential dealer, especially the dealer in the industry, when they find the door and window brand, they will definitely study the detailed questions of the brand's goods, workmanship quality and quotation. Good products with their own characteristics are also the key factors to attract dealers. All positioning strategies will be carried out with regard to the price, quality and common places of the products themselves, which is also conducive to dealers' judging their competitive advantages and disadvantages in local shopping malls

in short, if door and window companies want to attract investment and join in, it is necessary to implement the investment and join in operation, and make full use of their own advantages and capital, make the investment and join in operation useless, and truly expand and strengthen the regional shopping malls and have a place





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