Domestic gas alarm

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Have you noticed a terrible threat lurking around us — Gas safety

with the rapid popularization of natural gas, a high-quality clean energy, gas safety accidents have also come. Gas accidents have become the third killer after traffic accidents and industrial accidents

natural gas is colorless, tasteless, flammable and explosive, and its main component is methane. Methane is a non-toxic combustible gas. When its density reaches 5% in the air, it can spontaneously ignite, causing a series of personal and property safety accidents. In mid November last year, a gas pipeline leakage and explosion accident occurred in a residential building in a city in Northeast China, resulting in floor collapse and wall cracking, resulting in the serious consequences of 9 deaths and 10 serious injuries in 3 families

it was the momentary negligence of people that led to the tragedy. Therefore, what we need to do is not to let the tragedy happen again and take preventive measures

Changsha Furong district Huaneng gas equipment business department has long been committed to the sales, installation and maintenance of gas detection systems and gas equipment, and has maintained close cooperation with gas companies in the province with excellent products and professional services. The main business scope includes: combustible gas, toxic gas alarm, household intelligent gas alarm, valves, pipes, pipe fittings, pressure regulating devices, respirators, Ma steel parts and security products





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