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Decoration is a painful and happy thing!!! Unfortunately, in the current decoration market, we often hear the voice of deep pain and hatred... Why

decoration is a painful and happy thing!!! Unfortunately, in the current decoration market, we often hear the voice of deep pain and hatred... Why

let's first look at a market analysis - headache rate and headache points in all links of the decoration process

Design: the headache rate is 50%, and the headache point is that there is no decoration clue, I don't know where to start, and I don't know the collocation

material selection: headache rate is 60%. It looks beautiful and sounds strong, but it is still difficult to choose

ordering: the headache rate is 48%. Time is one aspect. Not knowing good or bad is the most troublesome problem

Construction: the headache rate is 90%. Facing the construction team, it's a long-term war. It's me who labors, and it's me who costs money

receiving goods: the headache rate is 70%, the most expensive money is spent, but the goods delivered are not the best, and I can't identify the quality myself

capital: headache rate 89%, cheap worry about quality; You can't afford the quantity

ending: headache rate is 50%, product defects, delayed delivery, rough installation, bad attitude, spending money to buy guilt

this market analysis should be said to fall below the readers' glasses, but it is data within the expected range of the market. China's basic national conditions have created a high real estate market, and also created countless dark scenes in China's home building materials decoration market. In the current decoration building materials industry, both material suppliers and construction teams are mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad. After the history of countless owners' blood and tears, Decoration has finally become a painful and happy thing for the Chinese public

however, with the development of the commercial market and the continuous rise of market competitiveness, the means of market supervision and regulation will continue to strengthen norms. Like our Internet industry, e-commerce and other industries, its inevitable trend is to excavate rules and norms from countless dark scenes to form laws and norms, which is an indisputable development direction of consumer protection, At present, the author has obtained the information about the advent of a new product "decoration assistant", which proves that this awareness and means of protecting consumers have entered our decoration market

"decoration assistant" is a GPS positioning service launched by home furnishing network (Shanghai group purchase network) in November 2009. It is a free navigation service that comprehensively follows up all aspects of decoration. It plays two roles at the same time. It plays the role of a private secretary in design, material selection and ordering, helping users complete selection, design, ordering and other contact and negotiation matters. In the construction, receiving, closing and other links, it also uses its professional third-party supervision team to help customers control the quality appraisal and service acceptance, directly saving customers a lot of time and money

this kind of full program service is not uncommon in other industries in the current market. However, this kind of GPS full range positioning service is also extremely expensive in other industries. Because its main purpose is the three high policies of "high quality, high standards and high requirements", the labor cost and time cost involved cannot be underestimated, so many businesses will not make a breakthrough in this aspect even if they are aware of a development demand of the market, Generally, in other industries, those who are willing to work hard in this regard are some well-known international brands that do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to build in order to ensure direct brand influence

now, the decoration industry finally has the first product market based on customer experience, which has opened the long-standing situation of the decoration market. Starting from the three aspects of time, money and quality, decoration can give users the comfort and happiness of "home" in a real sense

the author also believes that the inquiry of "decoration assistant" also sounded an alarm for the entire decoration industry and reminded the strengthening of the standardization, openness and rigor of the decoration market. Of course, Xiaobian believes that, driven by, this full program and standardized high-quality service can quickly spread in the decoration market, so that all housing slaves in China will no longer feel pain for decoration

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