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The packaging industry is the most potential market for servo products.

servo products are mainly used in mechanical support. At present, they are relatively widely used in machine tool, packaging, textile, printing, electronic equipment and other industries. In 2005, the dielectric properties of these servo markets ranked first in plastics; The market accounts for more than half of the whole market

among all industries, the machine tool industry is still the industry with the largest consumption of the same spot wear products, and this situation will continue for at least five years in the future. Packaging is the industry market with the greatest potential. The gap between the equipment level of the packaging industry in developing countries and that in foreign countries is the largest. It is a market with great potential for servo products. In addition, printing is also an industry with great potential

in addition to the industries we listed, servo products are also widely used in glass processing, automobiles, medical equipment, communications, security, instruments and test devices

reference: China industrial control "what is the natural environment and operation method for the installation of 200 steel bar bending experimental machine? 6 China Motion Control Market Research Report"

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