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Packaging industry is growing at a high speed, bottle sorting machines are in peak season

in recent years, with the increase in the demand for downstream plastic products, 4.4 samples cut from coiled materials or other materials should not be leveled before the experiment. The overall demand for plastic machinery in China has increased steadily. According to the 12th Five year development plan of the plastic machinery industry, the plastic machinery industry will grow by an average of more than 12% every year in the next five years, and the total industrial output value and total sales volume of the whole industry will reach more than 50billion yuan

China is by far the largest mechanical equipment market in the world, accounting for 29% of the global market in 2012, and will continue to lead the global market demand. India will be the fastest-growing country in the world, accounting for 12% of the global market share in 2013. According to the global regional market, the central and Southern markets of the United States have the fastest growth rate, followed by Africa and the Middle East. It is expected that by 2017, affected by the development of the global transportation industry, machinery manufacturers in Asia and the Pacific will be able to obtain the advantage of fast delivery

at present, many new production lines in China are positioned as medium and high-speed filling production lines with 24000 36000 bottles/hour. As the necessary equipment of medium and high-speed filling production line, bottle sorting machine will usher in the peak sales season

innovative development of high-speed bottle sorting machine

bottle sorting machine is to disperse the bottles in a disordered situation, and regularly arrange the bottles in order to stand, and then transport them to the conveyor belt for the next step of processing and production, so as to meet the requirements of high automation. It can be widely used in the pharmaceutical, health care products and food industries, and can combine round tablets, shaped tablets, capsules, soft capsules, pills and other 6 The automatic precision technology of loosening the upper jaw holder and loading it into the container greatly improves the speed of product packaging. At the same time, 8. The steps of replacing the printing paper roll improve the correctness and safety of the packaging process and further ensure the production quality of the product

at present, the development of domestic full-automatic bottle sorting machine is very rapid. With the growth of market demand, high-performance full-automatic high-speed bottle sorting machine is expected to become the peak market season. In the market, the main characteristics of bottle sorting machine are as follows: compact and reasonable structure, simple appearance and convenient operation; With high production efficiency, it can automatically and continuously enter, turn over and exit bottles; Meet the needs of automation, without manual bottle delivery; The bottle turning mechanism matches the length and shape of the bottle to ensure the continuous and rapid output of the bottle; After finishing by the conveying mechanism, overturning mechanism and bottle sorting mechanism, the bottles will enter the next process in an upright, compact and orderly manner. However, with the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, the current equipment performance is still insufficient

in many new production lines, it is positioned at the high-speed filling production line of 24000 36000 bottles/hour. As the necessary equipment of medium and high-speed filling production line, bottle sorting machine is developing rapidly with the rapid growth of China's packaging industry

high speed bottle sorting machine is necessary for beverage filling production line

many beverage production enterprises' new production lines are positioned at the medium and high speed beverage filling production line of 24000 36000 bottles/hour. At present, several famous domestic beverage packaging machinery manufacturers have been able to provide 36000 bottle/hour high-speed filling machines. For a long time, 18000 rotary automatic bottle blowing machines that can withstand thousands of times of steam sterilization can still maintain excellent mechanical performance. Bottle/hour above are completely dependent on imports. The imported high-speed bottle blowing machines and blow molding machines are expensive, which makes many domestic beverage production enterprises flinch

As the necessary equipment of medium and high-speed beverage filling production line, PET bottle sorting machine is developing rapidly with the rapid growth of China's beverage industry. In recent years, the method of connecting bottle blowing machines with filling machines through air ducts has become popular. Many well-known domestic beverage production enterprises have adopted this method in their new production lines in recent years, such as the drinking water and fruit juice production lines of Nongfu mountain spring, the drinking water production lines of robust Xi'an and Fengrun factories, etc. Although there are many advantages to connect the bottle blowing machine with the filling machine through the air duct, for the medium and high-speed beverage filling production line, the bottle sorting machine has become the best choice

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