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In the next decade, China will enter the era of intelligent manufacturing

now is the best development period of the robot industry. In the next decade, China will enter the era of intelligent manufacturing, which is also the general trend of the development of China's manufacturing industry

it was learned from the press conference of 2014 World robot and intelligent equipment industry conference and international robot and intelligent equipment industry expo that the 2014 World robot conference with the theme of man-machine integration and intelligent manufacturing will be held in Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 19 to 22

Luo Jun, Secretary General of the International Federation of robotics and intelligent equipment industry, believes that China may enter the era of intelligent manufacturing ahead of schedule in the next decade, and the system will detect such mismatches between detection parameters and programming parameters, basically realizing the upgrading and structural adjustment of the manufacturing industry

Luo Jun said that robots in the future will be more capable of collecting, sorting, analyzing, judging and making decisions, and will become more intelligent and convenient by closely combining with many advanced technologies such as 3D printing technology, IOT technology, putting the corresponding jaws into the upper and lower jaw seats, big data, cloud computing and so on

in recent years, the rapid development of China's robot industry is not only related to the continuous increase of labor costs, but also the product of the development of industrialization to a certain stage. At present, the robot market in Europe and the United States basically tends to be saturated when loading, while China's robot and intelligent equipment industry is in the stage of optimization and upgrading, and will maintain high growth in the next 30 years. Luo Jun said that the vigorous development of the intelligent equipment industry will follow closely, which will lead to a new industrial revolution. This industrial revolution is no longer an energy revolution in a simple sense, but the integration and development of more advanced technologies

in the view of Yu Dehai, chairman of Dalian Guangyang, the complete technology chain and industrial chain of high-end equipment will promote the intellectualization of manufacturing industry, and the complete industrial chain can not only get rid of the situation of being controlled by others, but also effectively reduce production costs. At present, the domestic market share of domestic robot enterprises is less than 30%. It is predicted that in the next three to five years, with the continuous enhancement of the strength of domestic enterprises such as Shenyang Xinsong, Dalian Guangyang and Guangzhou CNC, domestic robots will occupy more than half of the market share

according to the introduction, Chengdu is an ideal area for the combination of robot and intelligent equipment industry and traditional industries. There are service platforms connected with the robot industry in the fields of automobile, electronics, biomedicine, machinery manufacturing and so on, which has laid a good foundation for the development of robot and intelligent equipment industry. Luo Jun revealed that in combination with the resource advantages and network advantages of the global robot and intelligent equipment industry alliance, the world's first robot and intelligent equipment industry demonstration center and Research Institute will be built in Chengdu, the combination of robot and intelligent equipment industry will be arranged from a strategic height, the R & D, application and demonstration services of robot and intelligent equipment industry will be promoted, and this experience will be replicated in 10 major industrial cities across the country

at this robot conference, nearly 100 robot and intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad will display their latest products and processes. International authoritative experts from the United States, Germany, Britain and other countries will conduct in-depth discussions on the future development strategies of service robots, special robots and industrial robots. (songbinbin)

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