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The packaging industry needs to reflect on innovation and break through the shackles

[packaging of fine ceramic materials in China, especially silicon nitride, aluminum nitride and other packaging information] the innovation of packaging processing enterprises permeates in all aspects, including technological innovation, management innovation and so on. How to improve the management level of the packaging industry mainly includes the following perspectives:

first of all, more and more technicians need to participate in the international packaging machinery exhibition, so that they can absorb the advanced design concepts of foreign packaging machinery and use them in the actual design work

secondly, based on the actual application experience of the insulation layer, select better brand accessories and components, improve the long-term application performance of the equipment, and build the corresponding spare parts application traceability system. Thirdly, build a resource sharing system through modern network means, so that various design concepts, information resources and cutting-edge information within the company can be quickly shared and blended

finally, only with perfect human resource relations can the company introduce and retain excellent talents, so as to ensure the innovation and vitality of the industry

at present, some excellent domestic packaging machinery enterprises in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Guangzhou and other places are rising. They have a perfect R & D team and management system, and the idea of paying attention to innovation and R & D makes the enterprises continue to grow, and their products have been recognized by foreign users

facing the broad application market and the competitive pressure brought by foreign leading enterprises, China's packaging machinery industry still needs to be improved. At this important moment when the industry is facing a new round of structural adjustment, technological upgrading and product upgrading, domestic enterprises need to enhance their competitiveness through independent innovation and improve their own management level

in the past 10 years, the gap between domestic testing instruments and foreign products has been narrowing in price, quality and performance.

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