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Packaging: put on a charming wedding dress for the product

open the food packaging bag and find that the dim sum is moldy, the fruit is rotten, and the milk is also stale. This is the last thing consumers want to meet. Holding a box of luxury gifts, I don't know what it is and whether it is worth buying. Many consumers have been confused like this

simple packaging does not play a basic protective role, and excessive packaging makes consumers confused. It is not easy to create a suitable "wedding dress" tailored for products. With the continuous improvement of quality awareness, the proportion of packaging in product quality is increasing day by day, and consumers have higher and higher requirements for packaging

Qian Jin, Secretary General of China Packaging Technology Association, told that market demand has various requirements for packaging, and now packaging has gradually evolved from a subsidiary position of commodities to an important part of commodities. Its mission is no longer the concept of "package" and "package" in the original sense, but a sales form integrating art design, commodity introduction and instructions for use. Its main function is not only to protect commodities, transport commodities and store commodities, but also to beautify commodities and improve the added value of commodities

throughout the market, there are various kinds of packaging in all walks of life. What kind of packaging can play a role in icing on the cake for products

"a package that can communicate with the reasons for the eccentric load force of the consumer tension machine and its impact on the actual work." Bi Hua, executive director of China Packaging Technology Association and general manager of Shandong Quanlin Packaging Co., Ltd., made a positive answer. "With the help of packaging, products can convey some information to consumers. For example, we often see the words' fresh house 'on some dairy packaging boxes, which is like enterprises telling consumers that their products are fresh and you can eat them with confidence. There are many other similar examples."

however, not all enterprises know how to communicate with consumers. Many enterprises have no concept of the outer packaging of products. Some enterprises even use some unqualified or harmful packaging materials in the outer packaging because of considering the production cost, which directly affects the product quality, not only fails to attract consumers, but also repeatedly impedes exports

in the past few years, due to the lack of understanding of the standards of foreign wooden packaging products by some Chinese enterprises, they did not meet the quarantine requirements of foreign 1 and 3 closed-loop electronic universal data experimental machine packaging products, resulting in the loss of about $7billion in export goods. In addition, due to the large gap between China's packaging standards and foreign popular green packaging standards, the products of some Chinese enterprises could not be exported to these countries. The packaging problem once became one of the "quality bottlenecks" restricting product exports. Therefore, in the packaging industry, there was a saying that Chinese products are of first-class quality, second-class packaging and third-class price

at present, there are more than 11000 domestic packaging enterprises. Many enterprises have realized the importance of packaging and actively improved the quality of product packaging, taking packaging as one of the means of competition. In terms of the overall development trend, the development speed and quality standards of the packaging industry are moving forward healthily, and considerable progress has been made in terms of packaging function, quality, modeling, material processing and other aspects. At the same time, our packaging can not only meet the needs of the domestic market, but also undertake certain export tasks

from the statistics of packaging industry recorded since 1982, it can be seen that the overall level of China's packaging industry shows a sustained and stable growth trend, with an annual growth rate of 18 Only make a general foundation according to the foundation drawing and leave anchor screw holes for pouring and consolidation, which can be 68%. China is a well deserved "big packaging country" in terms of industrial scale and market share

at the "first China Packaging wealth Forum - Development Forum", many people in the industry put forward the grand goal of striving to make China a powerful country in the world packaging industry on the basis of analyzing the current situation of China's packaging and printing industry

it is a long way to go from a "big packaging country" to a "powerful packaging country", and the urgent problem of Chinese products is the increasingly serious "packaging barriers" encountered in the export trade. It is understood that developed countries have increased the inspection standards of export commodity packaging from several or more items to dozens of items now. In order to break through foreign packaging barriers, we must improve domestic packaging standards and regulations and make them in line with international standards. North America, the European Union and Japan have done better in these aspects, which is worth learning from. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the certification of packaging products. At present, all certification in the packaging industry is voluntary certification, and it should gradually transition to compulsory certification according to the inevitable trend. In addition, environmental protection is also the focus of the packaging industry. 1. First of all, we should consider the need to test the pull range of materials. From the materials used in the packaging to the ink printed on the packaging, every detail deserves attention

source: China Quality

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