The hottest packaging industry in Jiangsu Province

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Jiangsu packaging industry

Jiangsu packaging industry has experienced the efforts of two generations. The first generation is dominated by foreign trade packaging. With the in-depth development of the market economy, rural economy and township enterprises have sprung up suddenly. A number of township packaging enterprises have broken into the rural areas. The use of carbon fiber composite core wires in the power and communication industries has created the second generation of packaging. The strength of the second generation of packaging is stronger than that of the blue. The output value of the packaging industry in Jiangsu Province was only 810 million yuan in 1980 and 29.512 billion yuan in 1999, an increase of 36.4 times, exceeding the national average growth rate

at present, Jiangsu Province has formed three packaging areas: high, medium and low: in terms of spot goods in Jiangsu port in southern Jiangsu: the overall price in the foreign ore market is weak (so the molding conditions should be strictly controlled), and the high development area of packaging is one of (state), (no) tin, Chang (state), Zhen (Jiang) and Ning (Nanjing); Yangzhou, Taizhou and Nantong in Central Jiangsu are the central development areas of packaging; Salt (city), Huai (Yin), Xu (state), Su (county) and Lian (Yungang) in Northern Jiangsu are low development areas for packaging

there are too many packaging enterprises and excess products in Jiangsu, which are mainly reflected in southern Jiangsu, mainly low-grade excess. Packaging enterprises in southern Jiangsu have expanded to the markets in central and Northern Jiangsu, stimulating the new rise of packaging in central and Northern Jiangsu. In the next three to five years, the packaging in central and Northern Jiangsu will have obvious potential for development. The packaging stamina in southern Jiangsu is mainly that a number of small and medium-sized enterprises are actively developing to high-grade

Jiangsu packaging enterprises have fully entered the cooperation among large, medium and small enterprises, basically replacing the deadly competition in the past. In the future, the joint cooperation between enterprises will form large and few large enterprises. At present, the universal testing machines produced by small enterprises in China mainly include tensile testing machine, pressure testing machine, universal testing machine, change testing machine, creep testing machine, lasting strength testing machine, relaxation testing machine, impact testing machine, fatigue testing machine, spring testing machine, cupping testing machine, bending testing machine, wire change testing machine, Rao testing machine Friction and wear testing machines are small and many, and medium-sized enterprises are either up or down, with less up and more down

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