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Good looking and unsafe makeup food should be carefully selected

plastic bags, paper cups, tableware, lunch boxes and other kinds of food packaging and food contact products fill our daily life. While convenient and practical, consumers should also pay attention to avoiding the hidden dangers brought by these colorful food packaging

recently, the Dezhou Consumer Protection Commission issued a wide range of consumer warnings for 2013. Weight reduction is the medium-sized industry sought by the "Holy Grail", reminding the general public that the packaging is good-looking and unsafe, and makeup food must be carefully selected

it is understood that in order to reduce costs, some illegal enterprises use non food grade raw materials and even recycled waste plastics containing harmful substances such as heavy metals to produce ultra-thin and unqualified plastic bags, and use them to contain food with high oil and water content, which may cause diseases such as enteritis and gallstones. In particular, dyed plastic bags are more harmful, so colorful plastic bags must be used with caution

in addition, disposable colored plastic tableware has hidden health risks, especially the disposable lunch boxes in some small restaurants, beverage stores and Breakfast stalls. Most of them are "three no" products. Too bright plastic tableware often contains dispensing and manufacturing modes, including waste plastics from unknown sources and industrial grade plastics, which have adverse effects on human health, especially the healthy growth and intellectual development of children

here, the Dezhou Consumer Protection Commission reminds the public that in the second step of shopping: when printing a little powder packaged food on the process experimental platform and using tableware, it is advisable to choose containers without painted patterns on the inside; When choosing tableware, especially children's tableware, you should try to choose high-quality tableware with smooth surface and strong hand feel, and it is best to choose vessels without painted patterns or paint on the inside; When checking the food packaging, pay attention to whether the name of the manufacturer, QS mark and number, food and other words are marked on the plastic bag

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