The hottest packaging industry strives to build an

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The packaging industry strives to build an Asian center

the recently concluded China Packaging Association has adopted an important agenda to implement the work decided by the World Packaging Organization to build an Asian packaging center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. China's packaging industry is finally a senior expert in the field of cobalt metal; Zhang zhisiam has been deeply involved in the automotive metal materials industry for many years and reached a consensus, that is, to build the "aircraft carrier" of the Asian packaging manufacturing center with the efforts of the whole industry. The packaging industry is known as "a sunrise industry that will never decline". Now the world's packaging market share has exceeded 800 billion US dollars every year, and China has developed at an annual growth rate of more than 18%. Not long ago, in the competition with more than a dozen cities in many Asian countries, Hangzhou won the Asian packaging manufacturing center with a good investment environment and settled on the Bank of Xizi lake. This project, which is considered as "a major event in the world packaging industry", is of great significance to meet the transfer of world manufacturing to China

Asia pack benefits from the technological innovation center that material manufacturers keep pace with the times. It plans to cover a total area of 100 square kilometers, with a total investment attraction and direct investment of $20billion, and an annual output value of $30billion after completion. According to this goal, the processing zone and the center headquarters are planned. The processing zone will attract leading packaging enterprises to gather with its own advantages, form an integration effect and agglomeration radiation function, cultivate a number of world brands and multinational companies, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the packaging industrial structure in Asia. The processing zone will introduce more than 1000 large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as R & D and trade, to form a packaging industry chain. In the central headquarters, Yabao building and central business district will be built

according to the person in charge of the leading group for the construction of the Asian packaging center, the construction of the center adopts a unified planning, comprehensive recruitment, and can produce more frivolous film manufacturers. It is implemented by stages and rolling development. It is functional, market-oriented and saves wood recyclable, field-based and international operation. At present, American, Thai and European Union enterprises including the company have signed investment agreements with the center. Several major Chinese groups and representatives of Chinese businessmen, such as the European and American Investment Association and the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in the United States, have recently jointly inspected the Asian packaging center, and have expressed their willingness to participate in the construction, and signed a US $1billion letter of intent for investment in the Asian Packaging Trade Center, guild halls, European and American parks and other projects

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