The hottest packaging is pleasing and worrying

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Packaging: pleasing and worrying

I bought several boxes of nutritional and health products in the mall a few days ago. I opened the exquisite outer packaging box and found that there were small boxes inside the large box. Among the cardboard boxes folded into squares layer by layer, there were small glass bottles wrapped in yellow silk and separated by plastic foam. Take out these glass bottles containing nutrients and see that their combined volume is only one quarter of the large box. Look at the exquisite big box and a pile of yellow silk and paper lattice. The increase in polyurethane consumption is inseparable from the increase in sales in the global automotive industry. I'm really reluctant to throw it away, and I don't know what use it is to keep it. "Spending small money on things and big money on packaging" is the common feeling of many consumers after buying goods

in the residential areas of Guangzhou, such as taojinkeng and tianhebei, 4. The screw shaped building dense area where the jaw is regularly inspected is crowded with a special group called "garbage men" in Guangzhou. These people who guard the garbage cans all day to collect garbage and waste products for a living tell quite proudly that collecting and even buying waste products from residential areas, shopping malls and office buildings is very profitable, Because there are six characteristics of throwing the new national standard here: a lot of commodity packages are dropped, not to mention during New Year holidays

in recent years, Guangzhou's urban domestic waste has increased at a rate of 6% every year, mainly due to the increasing number of commodity packaging materials such as plastic and waste paper. According to the conservative estimate of Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Health Bureau, Guangzhou has excellent performance every year. Among the 1.65 million tons of garbage generated, the packaging of various commodities is at least 330000 tons. If excessive packaging is reduced, garbage can be reduced by 20% a year

experts such as xuhaiyun, deputy director of the environmental sanitation Institute of the Ministry of construction, have calculated such a detailed account: at present, China produces about 1.2 billion shirts a year, of which 800million are boxed, and 800million packaging boxes need 240000 tons of paper. If taking trees with a chest diameter of 10 cm as the standard, every 7 trees can produce 1 ton of paper, and 800million packaging boxes are equivalent to cutting 1.68 million trees, which is equivalent to "wearing" a large forest

it is understood that at present, China's packaging waste accounts for more than 20% of urban household waste, and its volume accounts for more than half of household waste. Some developed countries in the world have passed legislation to regulate and restrict commodity packaging in terms of quality, materials and volume, and "lose weight" commodity packaging through legislative management, stipulating that the volume of commodity packaging shall not be greater than one tenth of the volume of the packaged goods, otherwise they will be punished. Some stores also take the initiative to understand the shopping purpose of consumers. If it is their own consumption, try to simplify the packaging to reduce the burden of consumers

a man depends on his clothes and a horse on his saddle. It is understandable that commodities beautify themselves through appropriate packaging, but excessive packaging leads to waste of resources and rapid increase of urban garbage, which is worthy of people's attention. Because of this, at the International Conference on municipal solid waste treatment and recycling held in Guangzhou recently, the experts attending the meeting unanimously called for legislation to charge a certain waste treatment fee for packaging materials as soon as possible, so as to prevent the growth of excessive packaging waste from the source and reduce the pollution to China's environment, especially the urban environment

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