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The packaging industry is facing the impact of the third wave

the first wave of the packaging industry was from 11976 to 1982, which has promoted gratifying changes in the industry; The second wave was from 1982 to 1987. The impact and promotion of the second wave pushed China's packaging industry to a new stage of development. The commodity market showed a colorful prosperity. In the early stage, some sales packaging improved product series packaging appeared one after another. Relevant experts believe that the packaging industry is now facing the impact of the third wave. With the rapid economic development in the world, the shortage of resources and disorderly blind repeated investment have caused artificial vicious competition, backward growth mode and unchanged product structure, which have brought more and more prominent multi-dimensional impact to the packaging industry. To this end, experts pointed out that enterprises should broaden their thinking, adjust the growth mode and industrial structure as soon as possible, be aware of the impact of the third wave, change their ideas, take the path of sustainable development, adapt to the needs of circular economy and conservation oriented society, think carefully and calmly, and actively respond to new constraints and strict new requirements of the times

characteristics of the third wave impact

first, WTO puts forward new requirements for China's packaging industry. In the new situation and environment after China's entry into WTO, we should abide by strict rules of the game; New constraints in operation; Opening up to the outside world in a wider range has brought about substantial trade growth. The packaging industry provides supporting services for the packaging of industrial products, which not only increases the "quantity" significantly, but also increases the high-tech demand for "quality"; In the expanded global trade market, we should resist the emergence of "dumping" and different forms of "barriers" in competition; The world manufacturing industry will expand its access to the Chinese market with its equipment, technology, capital and other advantages, which will pose a squeeze threat to China's fragile small and medium-sized enterprises, which are relatively limited due to the internal resources of CPLD; The world will also bring a broad space and development opportunities to take advantage of the global economy. We should adopt new strategies and seek new development

second, the requirements of a large packaging country to become a powerful packaging country. To become a powerful packaging country is the common aspiration and goal of the packaging industry. First of all, we should establish the confidence of victory and the concept of self-improvement; Invest in the wisdom and strength of struggle; From the analysis of large countries in absolute value, the output of some major products ranks in the forefront of the world, but it is not a strong country. Compared with advanced countries, the overall level of the plastic industry is at least 10 years different. 3、 New forms of economic growth and the requirements of industrial structure adjustment. According to relevant statistical data, in 2005, the total output value of China's packaging industry has reached US $50billion, an increase of 22.4% month on month. The proportion of the total output value of the packaging industry in the total social output value has jumped from the penultimate place in the early 1980s to the 14th place now. It has made important contributions to protecting commodities, ensuring safety, promoting sales, facilitating transportation and logistics, and improving the market competitiveness of commodities

the inevitable trend of the development of food packaging machinery: during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period of automation, China's food industry developed rapidly, with a development rate of 18% - 21%. In recent years, the imported equipment can not be manufactured domestically or the manufacturing level is very different. From the import, we can see that our gap and the three strategic goals of innovating high molecular materials, 3D printing consumables with the most complete varieties and the first production and marketing in China's industry lay a solid foundation

at present, a prominent problem of China's food and packaging machinery is the long development cycle of new products, more imitation and less innovation, which is not only related to the knowledge level of designers, but also related to the development of related industries

the internationally advanced method is to use simulation technology to automatically synthesize three-dimensional models by computer, and input the failure data of the production line that has occurred in the past into the computer, so as to demonstrate the actual working conditions and modify them in front of users as needed. The computer synthesis speed is fast, and the modification work is fast and convenient. If some requirements of users cannot be met, the target machine of many scientific researchers will also tell you, so as to avoid future disputes. The simulation technology completed by computer shortens the design cycle of packaging machinery (production line) and greatly improves customer satisfaction

food safety issues are of national concern. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, we should improve the level of science and technology and equipment in the field of food safety, develop technologies and equipment for rapid and accurate identification of hazardous factors in food, and further develop preventive technologies and storage technologies and equipment such as the resistance and control of pathogenic microorganisms

the food and packaging machinery industry has been formed for 20 years, which is still a new industry relative to the food industry. The past 20 years have witnessed the fastest technological development in the world. New technologies have been continuously applied in the industry. However, the cornerstone of the domestic industry is weak, and the technology and scientific research strength are insufficient. Its development is relatively lagging behind, dragging down the food and packaging industry to some extent. Although the overall development is fast, the development of food and packaging industry is faster. Experts predict that by 2010, the total output value of the domestic industry will reach 130billion yuan (current price), while the market demand may reach 200billion yuan. This market space will be filled by foreign equipment. The goal of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" is to narrow this space, to catch up with the world's advanced level for the food industry, to make the big packaging country move forward to the powerful packaging country, and to provide advanced technical equipment, so that the imported equipment can only play a role of picking up the leftovers and filling the gaps in the domestic market. This requires the annual development rate of domestic food and packaging machinery to exceed 18%, and the output value rate of new products to reach 25%

aiming at the requirements of key customers

the development of packaging and food machinery in the world aims at the requirements of key customers and drives the development of relevant machinery. The requirements of key customers are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

first, the higher the requirements for production efficiency, the better. This can reduce the cost of products and meet the delivery time. The energy consumed by the pendulum impact on the sample of the high-speed packaging machine should be connected with the previous process, without handling links, including control connection. The whole production line should be started in reverse order and stopped in sequence according to the production and packaging process. For example, the cold filling production line automatically goes online from plastic raw materials to beverage filling and large package stacking in the closed workshop

second, it can adapt to the update and change of products. Packaging machinery should have high flexibility and flexibility. The production line allows the size of packages to change within a certain size range. Because the life cycle of products is much shorter than the service life of equipment, changing products and packaging will not replace expensive packaging production lines

third, the common faults of the equipment should be eliminated quickly. The solution is input into the computer in advance. When the equipment has common faults, it can diagnose by itself, and can also implement remote diagnosis and troubleshooting

fourth, it is required to have automatic recognition function. On the one hand, it can automatically identify the thickness, hardness, rebound force, etc. of packaging materials, and feed back to the manipulator through the computer to adjust the action range, so as to ensure no rebound. On the other hand, all kinds of different products, such as chocolate or dim sum with different shapes, are packed in the same box, and their arrangement is regular. The products delivered by the production line are disordered. The probe can be used to scan, determine the position of materials of different shapes, and then feed back to different manipulators. It will accurately put the items into the tray according to the exact position and direction, fast and accurate, and eliminate the visual and finger fatigue of manual operation

fifth, it can minimize environmental pollution. It is particularly important in food processing to reduce noise and dust pollution and minimize waste

source: China Food News

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