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The packaging industry has been included in the Wuhan statistical series

China Packaging News Wuhan packaging industry office has long been engaged in the administrative management and administrative law enforcement of the city's packaging industry. After years of industry research and statistical information collection, Wuhan packaging industry office has established a complete set of statistical work system. In order to adapt to the transformation of economic management from department management to tri Mack industry management, strengthen the statistical work of the packaging industry, and improve the organization and management system of the city's packaging statistical work. 1. Price -- the main factors affecting the price are: the transmission function of force sensor, material pipe clamp, body and tension machine. With the approval of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of statistics, this year, the statistical work of the city's packaging industry was officially included in the management sequence of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of statistics. Wuhan packaging industry office is responsible for the statistical work of the packaging industry in the city, and organizes the implementation of the comprehensive summary of the statistical statements of packaging enterprises, regularly reflecting the production and operation status and economic benefits of the packaging industry in the city, so as to lay the foundation of Jinan era Rockwell hardness tester for the structural adjustment of Wuhan packaging industry and the expansion of economic strength. (huangweiqiao)

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