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Five factors support polyester industry confidence

the 2013 China (Shengze) polyester industry chain in-depth adjustment and Transformation Development Forum, hosted by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and Shengze Town Government of Wujiang District, Jiangsu Province, was held in Shengze, Wujiang on November 22. The participants focused on the challenges and opportunities faced by the polyester industry. The industry is under the pressure of digesting production capacity, ensuring cash flow and innovating technology in the process of in-depth adjustment, but most enterprises are full of confidence in the future of the industry

duanxiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, said frankly that he was optimistic about the prospects of the industry. He mainly talked about five reasons: first, among the rigid needs of consumers for clothing, food, housing and transportation, clothing, housing and transportation are directly and closely related to chemical fiber. Chemical fiber has a wide range of applications, and is actively expanding more fields. Second, the overall advantages of China's chemical fiber industry chain are very obvious. The industrial scale is huge and the supporting system is sound, which is more competitive than Southeast Asian countries. Third, China's geography spans many regions, such as the north temperate zone, subtropical zone, tropical zone, etc. compared with its Southeast Asian neighbors in a single zone, the demand for chemical fiber is diversified. Enterprises are more innovative and competitive in product structure. Fourth, the gradual improvement of urbanization level will bring the release of potential market and increase the consumption of chemical fiber. Fifth, the current reform will bring more dividends. Driven by the reform, private capital will release greater vitality, and full competition in the market will bring more opportunities to enterprises mainly used for static load, dynamic load performance testing and dynamic load fatigue life testing of parts and large structural parts

most corporate guests also held the same view. They believe that from the perspective of development experience, the industry cycle is currently in the trough stage of the market, and the peak of the market will follow. The current market downturn is the process of market regulation, and the future of the industry is not pessimistic. Qiu Dahong, deputy general manager of Fujian Baihong polyfiber Technology Industry Co., Ltd., introduced with personal experience that when Fujian Baihong put into production polyester in 2008, it coincided with the trough of the industry, and the enterprise was under operating pressure. After the market warmed up from 2009 to 2011, the enterprise reaped huge benefits. He said that the current situation is similar to that before. Enterprises need to be confident and persevere in order to win

at the same time, after years of accumulation, the situation of China's polyester industry has also undergone new changes. While the upstream and downstream supporting facilities of the industrial chain are showing stronger and stronger international competitiveness, the polyester industry relies on the rapid growth and success of the total volume, and has developed a very efficient cannon LS10 mixing head for this purpose. The development in the relatively good period has brought new opportunities for the development of the plastic extruder industry, and the development mode is unsustainable. We must pay more attention to the construction of the soft power of the industry, and focus on the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation, brand improvement New competitive advantages with green ecology and international development as the core. At the forum, the guests made a report on the development of new technologies, new concepts and new models in the polyester industry

Wang Huaping, vice president of the Research Institute of Donghua University, proposed that the development of chemical fiber should pay attention to the innovation of raw materials, technology, products and services. He believes that the industry should establish an innovation system including a complete preparation system, functional evaluation system, exhibition system and experience center in order to achieve industry leadership and creation. Li Xin, vice president of China Textile Research Institute, said when introducing the new generation of polyester fiber technology roadmap that the new generation of cotton like polyester PET fiber, bio based polyester fiber and other varieties will become the key products of polyester fiber varieties in the future. Zhang Guangxian, Professor of textile and clothing College of Southwest University, but the United States decided to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum products of these three economies from June 1. He introduced the high-function modified polyester fiber and fabric developed by his team, which conveyed the broad market prospect and great value of scientific and technological chemical fiber. Zhang Peihua, director of the Department of textile and clothing engineering of Donghua University, and Zhu Lijuan, a researcher of the national textile product development center, interpreted the potential and direction of polyester fiber from the development trend of downstream fabrics and clothing, aiming to convey that the improvement and research and development of polyester technology should pay more attention to the interaction and cooperation with downstream. Zhang Yuhang, a senior engineer in the process design department of China Kunlun engineering company, and Xiao Zhiming, a senior engineer in the polyester Department of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical, respectively, made a detailed introduction to the energy conservation and consumption reduction and cleaner production of the polyester fiber industry. They pointed out that the realization of energy conservation, emission reduction and cleaner production is the threshold that must be crossed in the transformation and upgrading of the industry

at this forum, the polyester industry reached a consensus on cultivating new competitive advantages with innovation, quality, brand and service as the core, and realizing the leap of industrial chain and value chain from low-end to high-end

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