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Show originality! See how resin experts help the new development of powder coatings

originality! See how resin experts help the new development of powder coatings

Recently, Shanghai xintema Chemicals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "xintema") won the "2019 excellent supplier" award granted by PPG Industrial Company. It is understood that this supreme honor is awarded by PPG Industrial Company to their top ten global suppliers in recognition of their achievements in product quality, logistics distribution, standardized system, development and innovation, enterprise, business value, forge ahead Sustainable development continues to outperform expectations

xintema can integrate the online and offline advantages of both sides. The staff said that this excellent award is also an affirmation of the work of xintema's entire sales, production, logistics and customer service team. Xintema will continue to provide our customers with the best quality products and arrange the most timely services for each order

sintema is a UK listed company headquartered in London. It is one of the five major global suppliers of lotion polymers, special resins and additives. It has always maintained a leading position in downstream industries such as water-based coatings, powdered polyester resins, mortar additives, PVC stabilizers, latex foaming and nitrile gloves, and has 38 production bases, providing products and service coatings to more than 6000 customers around the world

the super weather resistant resin products for powder coatings developed and produced by xintema have excellent outdoor weather resistance, and are equipped with ingenious resin formula design using exquisite Italian production technology. They are widely used in the fields of construction, automobile, agricultural equipment and transportation. Relying on the existing industrial advantages, representative products such as R 6140, albecor 6190, albester silkymatt 6520, albester silkymatt 6530, albester silkymatt 6580, albester silkymatt 6615, albester silkymatt 6620, etc. have gathered more than 30 years of technical accumulation of xintema, and have been unanimously recognized and respected by customers at home and abroad

among them, albester 6140 belongs to the 93:7 TGIC system, which meets the gsb/qualicoat grade 2 standard, and is an ultra weather resistant resin; Albecor 6190 belongs to 93:7 ß -haa system, which has the characteristics of 160 ℃ curing, super leveling, frost resistance, flexibility and weather resistance; Albester silkymatt 6520/albester silkymatt 6580 is a low light dry mixing system (both ß HAA and TGIC), which has the advantages of ultra weather resistance, extremely low gloss, super smoothness and so on; Albester silkymatt 6615/albester silkymatt 6620 belong to the one-step process of ultra weather resistant polyurethane, and the functional characteristics of the extremely low light seat belt impact tester are bright, which meets the gsb/qualicoat grade 2 standard

in addition, the low-temperature curing resin for powder coatings developed by xintema can effectively reduce the baking temperature of powder coatings and save energy consumption. While "saving energy and reducing emissions", it also provides the possibility for the application of powder coatings on thermal sensitive substrates. Polyurethane resin for powder coating covers various demands of the current market and is widely used in wood grain heat transfer printing

on the basis of diversified products, xintema continuously accelerated the pace of global industrial layout, and completed the acquisition of onofa group, a listed company of American specialty chemicals, with us $800million in the first half of the year. The universal data experimental machine is mainly composed of support, hydraulic control box, external force measurement display and electrical system. Through this acquisition, xintema has two production bases in China, namely, the synthetic latex factory in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park and the antioxidant factory in Ningbo, which is a key step taken by xintema in the world's largest manufacturing economy

in line with the core values of "safety, health and environment", xintema has always put technological innovation in the first place. With the support of the first-class technology center, more than 150 Chinese employees have united and cooperated, kept improving, constantly developed the new application of powder coatings, and is determined to create more resin products with stable quality and excellent performance. With the joint efforts of all of you, the current total sales volume in the region has exceeded 1billion yuan

in the future development plan, xintema will seize the opportunity and take the initiative to innovate under the general trend of "changing oil to powder", so that solvent-free, pollution-free, recyclable, energy-saving and environmental friendly powder coatings can be applied to more fields and become recognized as environmentally friendly coatings, increase innovation investment, accelerate the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and strive to cultivate a win-win industrial ecosystem

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