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How much wood is needed for disposable paper products

in daily life, neutral pens can be seen everywhere on employees' desks and students' schoolbags. After many people use up a pen core, most of them throw it into the garbage can. However, how many people realize how much pollution this neglected pollutant brings.

neutral pens from the day they were established to today, the database is getting bigger and bigger. The viscosity of the writing medium is between water and oil, which can meet different materials Between the measurement needs in different fields, it has the advantages of 20KN (3) 00kn water pen and ball pen with relatively large load at present. Since its inception, it has quickly seized the original market share of pens because of its convenience and affordability, and has become the most popular writing tool at present. People throw it away after using it. Many people don't realize that the refill is actually white pollution. A few people understand that it will pollute the environment. In July, 2018, but there are no specific measures to solve this problem, and they can't keep it all the time and finally throw it away

it is reported that polystyrene or modified polystyrene is the main material for manufacturing neutral pen refills and pen holders, which are famous for their aging resistance and corrosion resistance. Under natural conditions, it is difficult to decompose for hundreds of years. In addition, the refill contains volatile substances, excess ink, floating grease and other pollutants, which will cause soil and water pollution if discarded at will. Although it is impossible to restrict the use of neutral pens by means of plastic restrictions, why don't we collect them in places such as institutions and schools that use a large number of neutral pens

in recent years, many disposable products have quickly occupied the market because of their convenience and benefits. Disposable chopsticks, disposable tableware, disposable water cups, disposable lighters, disposable products are countless. Disposable goods often bring about the innovation of living habits. Has our industrial and commercial environmental protection and resources department made a full evaluation before putting them into production? How much wood is needed for disposable paper products? What are the risks of recycling? How much pressure will disposable plastic products bring to the environment? What measures need to be added

behind the convenience and affordability of disposable products, there are not only huge business opportunities, but also huge risks. Generally, manufacturers or workshops only think about profits; It's understandable that ordinary citizens only see convenience. As a government regulatory department, it is even more difficult to reverse the habit of having to be evaluated by the whole people

disposable products need to be environmentally friendly first, and it's too expensive to be wise afterwards

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