How much is the most three-phase 25kW ultra silent

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How much is the on-board three-phase 25kW ultra silent gasoline generator

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how much is the on-board three-phase 25kW ultra silent gasoline generator? The biggest weakness of DC motor is the problem of current commutation, which consumes more non-ferrous metals, costs high, and the maintenance and overhaul in operation are also more troublesome. Therefore, in the motor manufacturing industry, efforts are being made to improve the speed regulation performance of AC motor, and a large number of DC motors are being replaced. However, in recent years, the use of silicon controlled rectifier devices to replace DC generators has Great progress has been made. In fact, all rotating motors, including DC motors, are made with a loss of 15.6% according to the two basic principles we know. One is: the wire cutting magnetic flux produces induced electromotive force; The other is that the current carrying conductor is subjected to electromagnetic force in the magnetic field. Therefore, from the perspective of structure, any motor includes magnetic field part and circuit part. It can be seen from the above principles that any motor embodies the interaction between electricity and magnetism, which is the unity of the two contradictory opposites of electricity and magnetism. In this chapter, we discuss the structure and working principle of DC motor, that is, how the "magnetism" and "electricity" in DC motor interact and restrict each other, as well as the physical quantities and phenomena that reflect the relationship between them (armature electromotive force, electromagnetic torque, electromagnetic power, armature reaction, etc.)

how much is the on-board three-phase 25kW ultra silent gasoline generator? The speed of the gasoline generator is normal and the output voltage is normal, but as soon as the power supply line is connected, the fuse is burned immediately and there is no voltage output; If the fuse is unqualified (too thick) or the small gasoline generator does not meet the safety device, abnormal speed (steep drop) and no voltage will occur; The next milestone will be to remove the 25m fan blade power line that will soon be manufactured, and the speed and voltage of the small gasoline generator will return to normal. These phenomena indicate that the power line or load is short circuited. Short circuit is a dangerous fault phenomenon, which should be eliminated in time. In addition, the fuse will blow if the load is too large. In order to prevent damage to small gasoline generators caused by short circuits, qualified fuses must be used instead of copper wires or overly thick fuses

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