How profitable is the hottest industry

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How profitable is the interest industry

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core tip: "the end of this year may be the peak of childbirth." This epidemic, many enterprises fell, many enterprises ushered in the spring, but from beginning to end, there is an industry with accurate and large-scale loading speed and measurement range, which did not hype up. "

this epidemic, many enterprises fell, many enterprises ushered in the spring, but from beginning to end, there is an industry, which did not hype up, and it" made a lot of money quietly "

that's -- sex toys, which are indispensable in the adult world. Talking about them, generally men will fantasize when listening to them, and women will be coy when listening to them

"I'll go. I knew it. I invested it before."

due to the shackles of traditional Chinese ideas, people are "talking about sexual discoloration". Every time they talk about sex products, "pornography" and "immorality" always pop out of their minds first

a few days ago, my friend asked me mysteriously, "Hey, will you buy sexy underwear? If you want to buy it, what price will you accept?"

I didn't answer, and my friend said, "in fact, in my eyes, this is no different from other goods. I heard that this market is very profitable. Some people can buy Suites a year!"

it seems that adult products are a lucrative market, and China is still a major producer of sex products

China has always been the largest producer of adult products in the world, accounting for about 60% - 80% of the total market

speaking of adult products, what are they

in addition to our common vibrators, condoms, sexy clothes and human dolls, there are many things that are not easy to describe in words

according to enterprise survey data, there are 8040 sex goods related enterprises in China, including 2788 sex goods enterprises in Guangdong, accounting for 34.7% of the national total

according to the survey of enterprise survey data, up to now (March 11, 2020), the number of new sexy goods enterprises has reached its peak in 2019, with a total of 1348

five companies, including lover health, Taohuawu, Taqu, chunshuitang and tiesi, have been listed on the new third board, and Knox technology has been delisted from the new third board

the prosperity and growth of the adult products market is enough to see that people's ideas are increasingly o-p-e-n

in 1962, Beate Uhse, the world's first adult products store, was founded. Its name comes from the name of a German female entrepreneur. It was later listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and now covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world

however, due to the influence of traditional concepts, adult products in China have always been in the gray area of "only meaning can't be explained"

it was not until 1993 that the first adult products store in Chinese Mainland, "Adam and Eve Health Center", opened in zhaodengyu Road, Beijing

however, it is a flash in the pan

a year later, as the first group of adult supplies suppliers in China, a Zhejiang boss named Ren Xiaoguo was arrested for "spreading pornographic materials"

however, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the continuous development of market economy, the state has gradually liberalized the supervision of the adult products market

chunshuitang, the first e-commerce platform for sex products in China, was established in 1993 and has been favored by the capital market in recent years. In 2015, it even achieved a round B financing of 80million yuan

it is reported that the boss of "chunshuitang" is Lin Degang, and the flower name is "Chunshu"

at the best of his career, that is, in 2000 and 2001, he found a good location to set up a shop, invested thousands of yuan, and the monthly profit was almost 40000 yuan. The income was considerable, so buying a house in Beijing was no problem

"sex products are a lucrative industry. Traditional channels, from manufacturers to brands, wholesalers, retailers to customers, can basically maintain 100% gross profit space. Conservatively, it is estimated that the gross profit of e-commerce channels is also 50%", he said

when shopping is not very popular, people buy sex toys in offline stores. There are everything in the small shop of several square meters on the street. The flashing LED lights of various prices are very dazzling under the night

some people went in boldly and quietly after 12 o'clock at night, but according to the survey, most of the sex toys were bought by men

this has stimulated the rise of self-service stores. Many businesses are generally located in the red light district, residential areas and near the university town. But at this time, the rise of shopping has had a certain impact on this model

but now the post-80s, post-90s, post-95s, and even post-00s have become the main force of social consumption. Their thoughts are more open, and they pay more attention to the taste and quality of personal "private life". He (she) also begins to spread them roughly evenly at all points, paying more attention to their own feelings

it is understood that adults' acceptance of sex products has exceeded 93%. In the past Valentine's day, many people are trying to get rid of their bills

the data of Taobao tmall shows that the post-95 group accounts for the highest proportion of the pre holiday transactions of sex toys

according to Lin Degang, the godfather of sex products, "compared with previous generations, China's new cargo ships are all made of steel. Because of the abundance of material life, they have less self repression. Therefore, sexual repression will be much less"

food and color are also different. The adult products market is the same as the catering industry, "up to 99, down to 18". Normal people, men, women and children need it for most of their lives, and its market capacity is large enough

and like the current film entertainment industry and shopping industry, this industry maintains a rapid growth rate of 30% every year

moreover, due to the particularity of the industry, the profit margin of the adult products industry is particularly high

a three piece Cosplay set of nurses, teachers and policewomen, priced at more than 500 yuan, costs less than 100 yuan, that is, a profit margin of 500%

both offline stores and e-commerce businesses have burst into new vitality in the domestic adult products industry because of the progress of people's concept of "sex"

in the past, people talked about "sex" and regarded it as a procedure to reproduce, like completing a task. But now people pay more and more attention to the quality of sex life and their feelings

with the rise of the shopping and live broadcasting industry, the purchase channels of adult products are no longer limited. Open a treasure, and even on the takeaway app, adult products are also available

delivery of adult products for takeout has come into people's view since the launch of "Hermon" in 2018. The biggest advantage of this type of delivery is its speed. Many times, when it is on the line, the efficient delivery of riders solves the urgent need

in addition, for the sake of users' privacy, the seller will carry out private packaging, and the seller can also choose personalized services such as letting riders not knock on the door

this not only saves a lot of worries, but also increases interest and excitement

as early as 2013, Ma Jiajia was born with "bubble no", advocating that "old women please men, new women consume men", which came into people's vision for a time

many people divide China's sex toys industry into three stages, and Ma Jiajia plays a connecting role

"before the bubble appeared, China's sex appeal industry was low-key and mysterious. At the time of Ma Jiajia, it moved from mystery to publicity. After Ma Jiajia, sex appeal products got rid of depression and entered the outbreak period of crazy (4) experimental machine fever"

Yi Chunfeng, who backs on Yi and benchmarked Durex, is also a leader in the adult products industry. Yi Chunfeng attaches great importance to product quality, and has many innovations in production, design and so on

not only that, in order to meet the "sexual interest" of young people, detailed market research will be carried out in the early stage of product design, and professional teams will continue to develop new products

this has been paid more and more attention by people, which has greatly promoted the liberation of people's ideas, and also made sex toys walk in the sun. Its spring seems to be coming

the arrival of the era of "Internet + social networking" seems to have become a kindling agent for the development of the sex products industry

"about cannon artifact" Momo, sliding left and right, shaking, and soul who met interesting souls came into people's vision, bringing good news to the majority of single men and women and

but this also belongs to the gray area of supervision. A few days ago, soul's operating partner was arrested and deliberately set up a malicious report to combat peers

in addition, the market for sex appeal products is highly competitive, with a flood of fake goods, a lack of experience, and increasingly strict supervision of online promotion More and more businesses find that the online business of adult products seems to be less and less easy to do offline

but this does not mean that there is no market or the market capacity has become smaller

during the period of novel coronavirus, many adult stores have not been closed. There is a family in Wuhan that has been serving people who live in isolation at home

otherwise, the baby boom in November will be over

there are many people in China, there is a large demand, there is a large enough market, people's ideas are more and more open, "sex" blessing is no longer ashamed to speak, more and more people dare to face up to their own needs, which is conducive to the development of the sex products industry

Lin Degang once said, "there is no outlet for sex products". As wild writer Da Bing said, "sex is like eating and drinking water", which is a common thing

in the American TV series sex and the city, the reason why Charlotte divorced her first husband is the disharmony of sexual life. According to relevant statistics, disharmony of sexual life is the biggest killer of marriage, and the consequence is 10 times that of quarreling

the use of sex products will add a little fun to your plain "sex life". Why not? I believe that with the introduction of market supervision policies, the market will become more and more standardized

as for whether there will be a baby boom at the end of 2020, you might as well look forward to it

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