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How about Sany DEUTZ power new car? The first batch of users who have run more than 20000 kilometers say so

How about Sany DEUTZ power new car? The first batch of users who have run more than 20000 kilometers say so

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since Sany DEUTZ power is about to be launched 1 After the news of measuring the experimental thickness according to gb6672 was exposed, it was widely concerned by card friends and the industry. As early as 2017, Sany and DEUTZ began to cooperate. So far, Sany construction machinery and equipment have widely used Sany DEUTZ power. At the end of 2019, in order to provide more power options for kayou, Sany DEUTZ engine will be produced in small quantities

how about the use of these Sany DEUTZ power models? Today, I specially interviewed Zhou Haiming, the user of this Sany DEUTZ power model, to see how he commented on this Sany DEUTZ power model

re purchase is out of trust

how to know the performance without trying

according to Zhou Haiming, he has been driving semi trailers since 2003, and has been driving for 17 years. During this period, he also changed fourorfive vehicles, and then collected data from different models through the force measurement system. In 2018, Sany Heavy Truck was noticed as soon as it was launched. At that time, it was hot, and Zhou Haiming's memory is especially new. He said that he did not grab several batches until the fourth batch

"I finally waited for the opportunity and didn't want to bother with all kinds of financial procedures, so I picked up the car in full, and I mentioned my new car in less than half a month." When Zhou Haiming told us about the original purchase of the Yingjie version, he couldn't help getting excited. After all, this is the car he robbed for a long time. It's inevitable to be a little excited to mention it again

because the freight market was very good before the year, Zhou Haiming wanted to buy another Sany Heavy Truck. After contacting the staff of Sany Heavy Truck, he learned that a model of Sany DEUTZ power was on trial sale. Out of the good use of the Yingjie version 500, he submitted the purchase application for Sany power model with the mentality of trying new power

"how do you know the performance of the new power without trying? Someone has to try new things first. I'm willing to be this white mouse." Zhou Haiming joked, but he was still full of confidence in Sany DEUTZ power: "after all, this is a German engine, or the ancestor of the engine. The quality is definitely not bad."

because there are few places for small batch trial sales, but there are many card friends who apply for purchase

Zhou Haiming said, "at that time, there were only 19 cars, and the last place was me, which made me feel really destined to Sany Heavy Truck. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the collection of the car was delayed for a long time, until the new car of Sany DEUTZ power was finally mentioned on April 1 this year."

performance needless to say

the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 32L

Zhou Haiming recalled that when he collected the car, the logo of Sany ITZ power was still written as "Yingjie version", and this time he believed that it would have a new name after it was officially launched

Zhou Haiming said that he has traveled more than 20000 kilometers since he collected the car, basically between Huai'an and Qingdao. When asked about the fuel consumption of the new car, Zhou Haiming gave us a very simple and bright answer: "I usually go back and forth on a fixed route, so I simply calculated when driving. Generally, if I pull the steel to take the high-speed, the fuel consumption is about 32L per hundred kilometers. If I walk off the road, it is basically about 36L. The difference is not great. Compared with the previous models, I need to save 5l-6l more fuel per hundred kilometers." For Zhou Haiming, who has been running a fixed route for a long time, the fuel consumption of this new power model makes him very satisfied

Zhou Haiming also said that the performance of the whole car is very good. Many small problems that need to be improved on the previous car have been rectified on this new car. The small problems that have occurred before have never appeared on the new car again, and the power is also very strong. The high horsepower of 520 is more than enough for him who runs the plain route

after sales service is guaranteed

there is no need to worry

many card friends pay most attention to the quality assurance service of the engine and the after-sales problems of the vehicle when buying a car. Moreover, Sany Heavy Truck launched a brand-new engine this time, so card friends are also worried about the quality assurance of the engine

Sany DEUTZ after-sales inspection and maintenance engine

for this, Zhou Haiming gave a very firm answer: "There is no need to worry about the quality of the engine at all. When I bought the Yingjie version before, the after-sales service was particularly good. When I participated in the service of Sany Heavy Truck, I was able to carry out maintenance and repair free of charge. I believe that the after-sales service of new power can be done very well this time. Moreover, the manufacturer promised a five-year unlimited mileage warranty service policy, and said it would be done. Such warranty service is unprecedented in the industry." In view of the quality assurance problems that card friends are most worried about, Zhou Haiming's stress-strain curve can be divided into the following five types: it is also very self-confident from the copper tube pulse fatigue life experiment machine. I believe that Sany Heavy Truck can do a good job in quality assurance and after-sales service

at the end of the interview, Zhou Haiming said that he was very lucky to be one of the 19 lucky users, and felt that his choice was not wrong at that time. He not only bought a new car with very high cost performance, but also an unlisted new power model. It is believed that Sany Heavy Truck will not disappoint card friends in the later stage

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