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How much wealth can you get from drink bottles?

if you sell dry water without it (is there an empty water bottle to sell)? From the garbage cans on the streets of Hangzhou, an empty mineral water bottle will be transferred to consumer goods purchase stations, plastic crushing plants, plastic manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, and finally realize the second economic cycle

Xie Chenghai, a 56 year old from Jiangsu Province, has been picking up empty bottles along Shixiang Road, Shaoxing Road and Shiqiao road in Hangzhou for more than two years. Although he won't have much income, he has stabilized in Hangzhou and can remit hundreds or thousands of yuan to his grandchildren in primary school every quarter

"say less. You have to run 50 kilometers every day. If you see a dustbin, go to it." He usually goes out at 6 o'clock in the morning, takes Shen Banlu, Zhoushan East Road, Shangtang Road, xiangjisi Road, Shaoxing Road, and then goes home. Sometimes he also takes Dongxin road to Shiqiao Road, passing the Banshan route

"it's best in the morning. Everyone will pick up more at this time." He said that most of the people living in the communities along the way are ordinary office workers. These people usually take out the garbage at about 7 o'clock in the morning, which is the "prime" time for them to pick up empty bottles

a wire hook, a bicycle and two linen bags are all Xie Chenghai's equipment. An ordinary mineral water bottle can sell for 8 cents, while plastic bottles such as iced black tea can sell for 0.12 yuan. Under conservative circumstances, he can pick up at least 250-300 such bottles a day, and his income is relatively stable. "If you add waste newspapers and scrap metal, you can have more than 50 yuan a day."

Xie Chenghai said that every time he received a bottle and reselled it to the purchase station, he could earn 3-5 cents, and aluminum cans for drinks could earn 5 cents. He and three other scavengers rented a house of about 15 square meters, with a flat monthly rent of 45 yuan, a flat rent of about 8 yuan for water and electricity, and a living cost of 200 yuan/month. "Look, do I still have a balance of more than 1000 yuan a month?" He said with a smile

it is confirmed that there are large-scale waste purchase stations near Sandun, Shiqiao road and Nongdu market in Hangzhou, and 90% of the scavengers' goods are finally flowing here

the boss of the waste purchase station near Yangjia village, Shiqiao Road, Hangzhou, surnamed Zheng, is from Wenling, Taizhou. The waste he purchased involves almost all categories of daily necessities

"small mineral water bottles are 0.11 yuan/bottle, hard bottles are 0.16 yuan/bottle, and large bottles are 0.25 yuan." Mr. Zheng said that at present, the price is not low in the whole Hangzhou. "1. This year, the price of plastic, which is widely used for external wall insulation, has increased, and the price is naturally much higher." As long as the price is this, he wants as much as there are empty bottles

boss Zheng said that every three or four days, Taizhou's hometown will come to buy his plastic bottles. The price is 5500 yuan/ton. If you sort and pack well, you can earn about 2000 yuan per ton. He calculated an account: about 40 ordinary bottles are needed for a kilogram of plastic, and about 38000-40000 bottles are needed for a ton, especially in the long-term action. At 0.11 yuan/bottle, the acquisition cost is about 4200-4400 yuan/ton, that is to say, for every ton of such bottles, he can earn 1100-1300 yuan. "Of course, there must be more professional sorting, packaging and loading in the middle."

the head of the production department of Xianju Hongyuan Plastic Co., Ltd. said that some producers who rely on recycling and processing this kind of plastic earn as much as 200000-300000 yuan a year. Because this kind of plastic products are available in all seasons and are easy to produce, the market is very broad

Mr. Gong of Hangzhou Duoduojia Food Co., Ltd. there is no need to panic. Because the price of oil has been rising in the first half of the year, the purchase cost of plastic as a derivative product has also increased by thousands of yuan. At present, a ton of raw materials need about 10000 yuan. Mr. Gong said that Duoduojia needs 150000 to 200000 boxes of plastic bottles a year, 15 bottles per box. The cost of each 500ml plastic bottle currently used by the company is about 0.5 yuan, up 0.1 yuan to 0.2 yuan from last year

source of information: Chinese waste

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