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how much is the quotation of a set of six meter street lamps generally?

how much is the quotation of a set of six meter street lamps generally?

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for different solar street lamp manufacturers, when they formulate the price of solar LED street lamps, they consider that the production process used by the factory is also different, and the materials used are also different, Therefore, the price will be set differently. This leads to different prices of street lamps in the market. This requires people to be able to make a more accurate judgment when choosing street lamps, and judge which manufacturer produces street lamps that are relatively safe and have guaranteed quality. At the same time, we should also consider whether the materials used in this kind of street lamps are the same. Some friends will ask how much is a set of six meter street lamps that are so reasonable? Today, according to the investigation, I'd like to introduce to you how much is the quotation of the six meter street lamp

led street lamp specification: 6 m 20 W; LED street lamp specification: 7 meters 30 watts

lamp pole shape: taper pole; Lamp pole shape: equal diameter pole

lamp pole wall thickness: 3.00mm; Lamp pole wall thickness: 3mm

lamp pole process: hot dip galvanized steel pole; Lamp pole process: hot galvanized steel pole

LED light source: imported chip; LED light source: imported chip

light source power: 20 watts (W); Light source power: 30 watts (W)

photovoltaic panel: class a polysilicon solar panel; Photovoltaic panel: class a monocrystalline silicon solar panel

advantages of photovoltaic panel: high efficiency; Advantages of photovoltaic panels: fast power generation

photovoltaic panel capacity: 70 watts; Photovoltaic panel capacity: 100 watts

photovoltaic panel specification: 670mm*690mm; Photovoltaic panel specification: 1000mm*670mm

battery capacity: 60ah ampere hour; Battery capacity: 80ah

battery size: 30cm*17cm*18cm; Battery size: 33cm*17cm*21.8cm

battery weight: 18.3kg (kg); Battery weight: 24.37kg (kg)

controller: intelligent control, automatic light in dark; Controller: intelligent control, automatic light on after dark

light on time: 6 hours (H); Light on time: 6 hours (adjustable)

continuous rainy days: 5 to 6 days; Continuous rainy days: 7 days

foundation cage: 16mm diameter steel coil reinforcement, convenient for operation, corner hole distance 260mm

sheathed wire: 2*1.5 sheathed wire; Sheathed wire: 2*1.5 sheathed wire, international pure copper

installation scene: road lighting, garden lighting, scenic area roads

reference price: 790 yuan -890 yuan; Reference price: 1050 yuan -1200 yuan

how much is the quotation of a six meter street lamp? The above is the relevant content of the collation, and the price is for reference only. If people don't know about the price of solar street lamps, they can go to the relevant official stations of solar street lamp manufacturers to inquire about this knowledge. Because these official stations can ensure that they can provide people with more accurate information in time, we can make a relatively fast inquiry on the station and ensure that the information queried is more effective. If you think the price of lamps is relatively high, you can discuss with the customer service staff whether the price can be adjusted accordingly, because the order quantity of street lamps is generally relatively large. (2,2'- (1,4-Phenylene) bis [4h ⑶, 1-CONDUCT the second experiment benzoxazine ⑷ - ketone] if you need more help, please contact manager LAN of the solar street lamp manufacturer. Thank you for watching the full text of how much the quotation of six meter street lamp is generally

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