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On the eve of the return of Hong Kong 15 years ago, China business United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. won six banneken awards known as the Oscar in the printing industry in the 2012 American Printing Grand Prix hosted by the Federation of American printing industries

the American Printing Grand Prix is the most authoritative and influential event in the global printing industry. It is reported that the race to improve the reliability of experiments was founded in 1950, with the highest honor being the Benny Gold Award. Benjamin, the inventor who once brought revolutionary development to the technology of the American printing industry? Franklin named

introduction by wenhongwu, chairman of Zhonghua business printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., April, 1997 If the commercial printed book "human body structure" when the hot sample is placed in the box won the first Benny Gold Award, and became the first company in Asia to receive this honor issued by the American Printing Industry Association. So far, Zhonghua business has won 57 Banny gold awards, becoming the only printing company in Asia that has won this award for 16 consecutive years after more than 10 years of development. The total number of awards is the highest among Asian printing companies, which has enabled Zhonghua business to obtain a high-quality brand image in the overseas publishing industry, and also made China's printing level internationally recognized, showing the world the advanced level and strong strength of Chinese printing enterprises

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