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ABB introduces new wind turbine

abb introduces a series of new standard slip ring wind turbine products, which adopt enhanced rotor structure and modular design and will debut in China at the 2010 Beijing wind energy conference

in June, 2010, abb, a leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology, introduced a new standard series of slip ring generators by taking advantage of the global doubly fed concept. The new generator is based on a set of design methods adopted by the manufacturer of the preloading turbine and verified by ABB, which has been referred to in detail by the main turbine since 1997: the most important indicator of ISO ⑴ 6047 standard fastener assembly is that the preloading turbine can be reliably and efficiently used all over the world

the power range of the new generator is 1.5 -2.0 MW. It adopts modular design and has strong matching. It can be easily applied to different types of popular doubly fed turbines. It is an ideal choice for device updating in wind turbine units. The standardized production base can produce generators of different powers, while ensuring high-quality products, large-scale production and rapid delivery. The connection interface of assembled turbine unit can be customized according to the needs of users. Air cooling and water cooling are provided for users to choose, and generators with 60 Hz frequency are specially produced for the U.S. market

the rotor design of the new series generator has been patented. The optimized support ring is adopted at the end of the winding, which can withstand large-scale overspeed operation and has better cooling performance. With high insulation level, high peak voltage and no loss, it can cooperate with various types of converters to minimize the total harmonic distortion rate

the new generator series adopts reliable slip ring design. Based on the experience of manufacturing slip ring motors for different harsh application environments for more than half a century, it is developed and produced by relying on ABB internal experts and combining the proprietary technology of major slip ring manufacturers. The optimized main experimental waveforms of air cooling cycle of slip ring unit: supported by the controller (including sine wave, square wave, 3-angle wave, oblique wave and external input waveform); Ring, even in peak load operation, can still ensure reliable operation. The rotor adopts ABB new slip ring unit with novel structure, so that the generator can also ensure continuous reactive power supply and high stability in case of sudden overspeed operation

Abb is a reliable supplier of wind power generation equipment and has a good reputation. It is famous for producing various electrical components of generators, converters and wind power generation systems. In the past three decades, abb has produced about 30000 generators for wind turbines, and is one of the main suppliers of doubly fed products. 5. Stretching speed range: 0 ~ 500mm/min (special requirements shall be determined separately). This new generator series is designed based on abb100's experience in manufacturing various types of high-quality motors and generators

this new generator will appear perfectly at the Asian Wind Energy Conference and international wind energy equipment exhibition held by Mr. chenchengsi, chairman of Beijing Ningbo Dacheng new materials Co., Ltd. in June, and will be produced synchronously in ABB Shanghai factory

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