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At the 2012 Emerson Network Energy Data Center (Jinan) summit, the constraints of resources, energy and environment became more and more serious. Recently, the global market share analysis and market trend forecast of ATCA commercial system was hosted by Emerson Network energy, a global leader in business brand, protection and optimization of key infrastructure, which belongs to Emerson (NYSE: EMR), Ruiju Shandong 2012 Emerson data center (Jinan) summit was successfully held in Jinan, the spring city. As one of the series of summits organized by Emerson energy, this event aims to further expand the brand influence of Emerson energy in Shandong and provide a platform for customers to learn more about the company's products and solutions in the data center field. The rich activities attracted the active participation of many important customers and partners of Emerson energy in Shandong

with the arrival of the cloud era, the traditional data center has been difficult to meet the application requirements brought about by emerging technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization in terms of flexible expansion, energy saving and consumption reduction, efficient operation and maintenance, etc. building a new generation of data center that meets the needs of cloud computing has become a general trend of experiment. In this regard, with its rich experience and strong technical R & D strength in the data center field, Emerson Network energy has provided a number of high-efficiency solutions for the data center construction of customers in various industries, helping customers realize the rapid implementation of data center construction and efficient and energy-saving operation

Shandong has always been an important market for Emerson energy in China. Its customers cover all walks of life such as finance, government, telecommunications, enterprises, transportation and power. After years of development, Emerson energy has become a technology pioneer and market leader in the field of Shandong data center. In this event, the product experts from Emerson Network energy introduced the intelligent data center solutions and smart row solutions based on cloud computing, modularization and other innovative technologies to the guests in detail in combination with the current development trend of the data center, and released the AI Xing business development plan on site. The plan includes two parts: AI Xing channel franchise plan and AI Xing experience center. Among them, the aixing experience center is the Yirui smartrow small and medium-sized computer room integrated solution Exhibition Center established by Emerson energy in conjunction with regional partners in major cities across the country. It is an important exhibition platform specially built for more customers to understand this brand-new customized solution for small and medium-sized enterprises

Emerson energy presented the company's strength, business development, success stories and other aspects in various forms at the summit. At the same time, a special solution exhibition area was set up on the site to display the solutions meticulously created by Emerson Network energy for the construction of the data center, and professional personnel conducted on-site explanations to help guests fully understand the technical advantages and product characteristics of each solution. In addition, Emerson energy also organized guests to visit the newly launched data center container display car. Equipped with a new generation of data center solutions and innovative products, the display car provides customers with an all-round demonstration platform for interactive learning and understanding of key technologies and solutions of Emerson Network energy through a new interactive experience mode, and attracts the strong interest of on-site guests

the successful holding of this data center summit has provided a good communication platform for Emerson Network Energy customers and partners, provided them with an opportunity to further understand the company's relevant products and solutions and the development trends of the new generation data center, and won high praise from the participating guests. In addition, through in-depth communication and exchange with on-site guests, Emerson energy has further mastered the application needs of industry customers, but the cardboard industry in 2017 may not be so lucky, laying a good foundation for providing more efficient solutions to meet customer applications in the future

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