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2016 China Glass exhibitor style: Fushan Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. of Guangdong province appeared in the 27th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition, booth No. W

the company was founded in 1988 and covers an area of more than 50000 square meters. 1.4 it can independently design, develop and produce glass deep-processing equipment with international advanced level. Li Gongqian of China Housing Industry Promotion Center also has the same view by adopting 3-channel pulse signal acquisition channels (3-channel pulse signals are 1-channel displacement and 2-channel large deformation signals respectively). The company has rich production experience and sophisticated processing equipment, and has long-term cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutes. Develop and apply advanced technology, continuously improve product quality and lead market demand

in recent years

at present, the company's main products include: horizontal roller type flat/bending tempering production line, forced convection tempering production line, automobile hyperbolic tempering production line, special-shaped cutting line, rearview mirror production line, fully automatic exterior mirror edging production line, laminated glass production line, all kinds of straight edge, beveled edge, multi-level edge, round edge, special-shaped peripheral, rapid four side grinding and other unilateral and bilateral edging machines, drilling machines, sandblasting machines, cleaning and drying machines, etc

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