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The 2013 Brazil international label printing industry exhibition was jointly sponsored by the Brazilian machinery industry association, the Brazilian flexible plastic packaging Association, the Brazilian Flexo Printing Technology Association and the Brazilian RFID label Association. The 2013 Brazil international label printing industry exhibition was grandly held in the Anhembi International Exhibition Center in San Paolo on June 24. Brazil international label printing industry exhibition is the largest international professional exhibition in Latin America, which is held every two years. Since its establishment in 2004, it has been successfully held for five times and has become the wind vane of the label printing industry in Latin America. In 2011, the exhibition area of Brazil label printing industry exhibition has exceeded 6000 square meters, and the number of exhibitors has reached 110. At the same time, the exhibition attracted 7300 visitors from 9 countries around the world: Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. The purchasing analysis of these visitors is as follows: label printing equipment: 14%, flexo printing machine: 12%, blade: 10%, label paper: 10%, heat transfer printing: 9%, ink: 9%, rfid:8%, digital printing: 8%, uv:8%, prepress equipment: 7%

huge business opportunities in the label printing market in Brazil

the annual label printing cost in Brazil for various industries, businesses and service industries is as high as US $1.47 billion. At present, there are 600 enterprises specialized in label printing for the lead and bismuth production line of 2 new material workshop, which adopt the production process of lead smelting in blast furnace and bismuth smelting in reverberatory furnace, with 42000 employees. There are more than 1600 high-tech professional label printing equipment. The annual consumption of ink for label printing reaches 8500 tons/year, the consumption of adhesive reaches 10500 tons/year, and the consumption of paper and film reaches 520million square meters/year. From the perspective of various label segments, adhesive labels account for 40% of the market, which will greatly increase the market share of the detection capacity in the field of high molecular materials in Southwest China. Wet adhesive labels account for 42%, shrink labels and wrapping films (wrapping labels) respectively, which affect the safety of modern residents, accounting for 9% and 7%

Brazilian self-adhesive market

with the increasing application of self-adhesive in labels, high value-added self-adhesive material solutions have attracted more and more attention. The green processing guidelines being gradually implemented in Brazil put forward higher requirements for adhesives and labels due to their reliability, durability and flexibility. Data show that the annual per capita self-adhesive consumption in developed countries in Europe and the United States is between 12 square meters and 18 square meters. Among them, the annual per capita consumption in the United States is 15 ~16 square meters, and that in Brazil is 2.2 square meters; China's annual per capita consumption is less than 1 square meter, only 0.9 square meters. The self-adhesive label printing market and self-adhesive materials have great development potential in China, Brazil and other countries. The self-adhesive market in Brazil is dominated by flexographic printing. The main equipment is small and medium-sized unit type printing unit, which mainly uses water ink. The roll to roll printing and round pressing die-cutting method are adopted, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency, advanced technology and environmental protection requirements

shrink film sleeve label market in Brazil

due to the growth in the application of lightweight glass bottles in Brazil, the amount of shrink film labels continues to increase. It is estimated that the annual growth rate can be maintained between 10%-13%, far exceeding the annual growth rate of 4%-5% in the general label market, with great development potential. As there are many blank spots in the application field of self-adhesive labels, such as the inability to label special-shaped bottles, the environmental shrink film will occupy the share of some self-adhesive labels. In addition to lightweight glass bottles, the current demand for fully enclosed plastic containers in the personal care market has also promoted the growth of shrink sleeve labels

favorable conditions for Chinese enterprises to invest

according to the statistics of the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretariat, the bilateral import and export volume of goods between Brazil and China reached US $56.38 billion in 2010, an increase of 56.2%. Among them, Brazil's exports to China reached 30.79 billion US dollars, an increase of 52.5%; Brazil imported US $25.59 billion from China, an increase of 60.9%; Pakistan's surplus was US $5.19 billion, an increase of 21.3%. In 2010, China was Pakistan's largest trading partner, the largest export destination and the second largest import source country. Due to the slow economic recovery in Europe and the United States, and the remarkable growth rate of the Brazilian economy, Chinese enterprises are optimistic about the investment prospects of Brazil. Especially after Brazil won the right to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, the development potential of this country will be even greater. In 2010, China's investment in Brazil exceeded US $10billion, the highest in the past decade

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