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ABB attended the China Switzerland Enterprise Innovation Conference and advocated leading innovation with digitalization. On January 21, the first China Switzerland Enterprise Innovation Conference was jointly held in Zurich, Switzerland, by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China and the Swiss Ministry of economy, education and Research on the eve of the opening of the 2019 world Economic Forum Annual Conference. Representatives from the Chinese and Swiss governments, enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities and industrial institutions attended the meeting to discuss the China Switzerland innovation cooperation in the era of industrial revolution with more reliable new operation

Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan said at the conference that Switzerland is one of the most innovative countries in the world, and China also attaches importance to innovation. Pioneering and innovation is the most prominent feature of China Switzerland relations. In 2017, the leaders of the two countries reached important consensus on establishing a high-level innovation platform between China and Switzerland. The China Switzerland Enterprise Innovation Conference is a concrete measure to implement the consensus of the leaders of the two countries

as one of the representatives of innovative enterprises, zhangzhiqiang, President of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech at the China Switzerland enterprise dialogue with the theme of digital leading innovation. He said: under the wave of the fourth industrial revolution and energy revolution, digital technology will increasingly change all aspects of future production and life. As a leader in pioneering technologies in the digital age, abb is actively committed to innovation driven development, using leading ABB ability digital solutions and integrating emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to help customers comprehensively improve performance, enhance innovation ability, embrace change and jointly write a new future

During the conference, the international economic and technological cooperation center of the Ministry of industry and information technology signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation with abb (China) Co., Ltd. to seize the new 3 Lubricating oil is not allowed for the inner shaft rotating bearing of the main shaft of the dynamometer and the rotating bearing in the pointer structure, so as to avoid oil pollution and sensitivity to the mechanism When protected, clean the dry kerosene and inject a little high-quality lubricating oil (such as 1 spindle oil) to prevent rust The oil tank shall be checked frequently. If the oil level of the oil tank is lower than the high oil window, it shall be added to the sinking oil level The historic opportunity of this round of industrial revolution will support the high-quality development of China's industries and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. The two sides will carry out full cooperation in key areas such as digitalization, intelligent manufacturing and innovation, realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, and make contributions to the innovation and development of the industrial circles of China and Switzerland

abb will rely on its innovative technology and experience that fully cover the industrial automation value chain, as well as its leading automation, electrification and digital products and services, support relevant industries in China to improve the lean, flexible, automated and intelligent level of production and operation, improve industrial competitiveness, and help promote China's industrial transformation and upgrading

China and Switzerland: a model of innovative strategic partnership

innovation is the engine of world economic growth and a key to decoding China Switzerland strategic partnership. In the 69 years of cooperation between China and Switzerland in opening up packaging business to reduce the impact of market fluctuations, the spirit of innovation has been consistent. In promoting the development of bilateral relations, the two countries dare to be the first in the world and jointly create many firsts: Switzerland is one of the first western countries to recognize and establish diplomatic relations with China, and is also the first Continental European country to recognize China's full market economy status and sign a free trade agreement with it; China regards Switzerland as the first strategic partner marked by innovation

abb: a model of technological innovation

Switzerland is both a country of scientific and technological innovation and a country full of craftsmanship. Abb, headquartered in Switzerland, is the model of Swiss technological innovation and the inheritance of innovation culture. Looking back on ABB's more than 130 years of development, innovation is the same DNA. ABB also stands at the forefront of all previous industrial revolutions with its leading innovative technology

as an international enterprise originating from Europe and rooted in the Chinese market, abb is committed to counter braking electromechanical devices as a bridge for innovation and cooperation between China and Switzerland. In the long history of development in China, abb has always adhered to the concept of innovation driven development, witnessed and participated in China's reform and opening up and economic take-off. In the future, a new ABB will continue to lead the development of the digital industry with innovative technologies and support customers to embrace the unprecedented technological revolution and digital wave

on the cover of the Davos special issue of time published in January, 2019, Klaus Schwab, founder of the world economic forum, held his cheek in one hand and looked at an ABB Yumi robot waving his arms opposite. The picture was humorous and interesting

as the world's first dual arm robot that truly realizes man-machine cooperation, Yumi can work cooperatively with humans on the premise of ensuring safety. On the way to artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, human-computer cooperation and human-computer integration are becoming the future development trend of robots. As a new robot developed by ABB China team, Yumi's success also highlights the great potential of China and Switzerland in the field of innovation cooperation

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