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The Chinese Valentine's Day is coming. If you love her, give her the whole Norwich wardrobe she wants. It has an elegant appearance and functions that can better meet all women's fantasies about the cloakroom, and make your love more romantic and surprising

for most women, the cloakroom complex is innate. The cloakroom is like a woman's back garden, where women's favorite clothes, skirts, shoes, bags and other trophies are placed for them to dress up in. The cloakroom is an irresistible temptation for women, as if owning a cloakroom can realize the dream of the best actress. Chinese Valentine's Day is coming, and many men always have a headache about what to give to their beloved woman. If you love her, you can give her the whole Norwich wardrobe she wants, which is elegant and generous in appearance. In function, it can better meet all women's fantasies about the cloakroom, and make your love more romantic and surprising

Novi's Italian simple European style wardrobe makes women scream.

Tanabata Valentine's Day is the most romantic festival in China's traditional festivals. It is said that on the night of Tanabata, you can see the Milky way meeting of Cowherd and weaver girl when you look up. This year's Tanabata romance is coming. At this time, have you prepared that long lost surprise for TA

women are naturally beautiful. Clothes are a necessary magic weapon for women's seventy-two changes, and the wardrobe is a "treasure chest" for women to store magic weapons. It is a dream surprise for a beautiful woman who "always has one piece of clothes missing in the Wardrobe" to have an exclusive private customized "treasure chest". Novi family takes advantage of the Chinese Valentine's day to bring your beloved her an integral wardrobe full of Italian and simple European style

simple European fashion wardrobe, with perfect details

pursuing fashion trends is a unique hobby of women, and everything fashionable should be included in their pockets. The trend of modern simple and fashionable home is coming. Novier's 2015 new products, such as Aegean Sea, Englishman and other cloakrooms, take simplicity and elegance as the main tone, showing a fresh and elegant atmosphere, which makes beautiful women unforgettable and irresistible at first sight

novier family wardrobe 2015 new product Englishman series cloakroom

Englishman series cloakroom, with introverted wood grain and deep but implicit color, vividly demonstrates the movement and stillness of art, rendering a brilliant life. The spacious cloakroom and island are calm, elegant, private and luxurious. The feelings of classical Europe, the life art of aristocracy, and the modern classic elements integrate the traditional extraordinary creativity. In the rich noble living atmosphere in the cloakroom, the international taste and artistic luxury are vividly demonstrated

novier family wardrobe 2015 new Aegean Sea series cloakroom

Aegean Sea series cloakroom, originally designed by Italian designers, integrates the charming style of California Bay into the products. Elegant and romantic style, which brings extraordinary sensory experience, is a cloakroom that every fashionable woman dreams of owning. Based on the ever-changing texture of oak and the perspective of environmental protection, we have developed blue oak decoration colors, which have the same unique and bright colors as oak, and are as clear and blue as the vast ocean color of the California coast where oak is produced, which is beautiful and romantic, and the overall distribution of clear and attractive magic. It has a good surface touch and is visually pleasing

Europe's highest environmental protection standard "zero formaldehyde wood particle board" interprets fashion home decoration

in order to meet the personality and taste of fashionable women, Novi family defines the design style as simple and generous Italian simple European style. The overall appearance of the product is high-end and atmospheric, revealing the fashionable and avant-garde home decoration concept. Simplicity is the appearance of wardrobe appearance and layout transformation, and simplicity is the low-key but gorgeous connotation of Novi family. When respecting the original spatial structure, Try to maintain the original beauty, skillfully use different materials and shapes in design techniques, and organically integrate the overall wardrobe. Novi family is worthy of being a leader in simplicity but not simplicity

at the same time, in order to meet the pursuit of health and environmental protection in modern home furnishings, novier's high-end panel wardrobe adopts E0 grade "zero formaldehyde wood particle board" with the highest environmental protection standard in Europe. No matter the elderly, children, pregnant women and patients, when using furniture made of novier's zero formaldehyde wood particle board, there will be no potential safety hazards, and long-term use will not cause chronic formaldehyde pollution

romantic Tanabata, give your beloved her a Italian simple European style Novi family wardrobe! Let her enjoy her colorful wardrobe life in her exclusive "treasure chest". On this special day, Novi family sincerely wishes all lovers in the world to get married





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