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Many owners who are going to decorate are often influenced by the saying that decoration is more important than decoration. They don't pay much attention to the early home decoration and are ready to spend more money to buy high-end furniture, antique calligraphy and paintings, fine handicrafts and their favorite collections to decorate their homes after the decoration is completed. At first glance, this idea sounds very cost-effective: it not only spends less money, but also decorates the home and buys all the furniture. In addition, the home is full of decorations. It's really like I don't know where I took a lot of advantage, and I'm happy. But when you think about every link from decoration to decoration, you don't take advantage of your own money. How can you feel this sense of taking advantage. In fact, this feeling is due to the misleading saying that decoration is more important than decoration

◆ misleading one: change if you want

there are primary and secondary decoration in the early stage and later stage of the family. Decoration is the main aspect that determines the style of the whole family, and decoration is the secondary aspect that plays the role of decoration and embellishment. Many owners believe that as long as the decorations are constantly updated, the style of the home can be changed, which is an incorrect understanding. After the completion of the home decoration, the style of the home has been formed, whether it is Chinese style, European style, rural, modern, simple or other. It is impossible to change the style of a home by relying on a few decorations. Moreover, the decorations must match the home decoration style. For example, oil painting is consistent with the decoration of European style. Furniture and traditional Chinese painting in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are suitable for Chinese style homes. Modern and simple decoration style should not put decorations with complex patterns, because there will be a sense of disharmony. Therefore, it is unrealistic to use decoration to change the style of home in the saying of emphasizing decoration rather than decoration

◆ misleading 2: avoid waste

with the acceleration of the pace of modern life, people move a little more, but we should treat it differently. Most of the people who move a lot are renting houses to live in, and the vast majority of the tenants do not decorate the rented houses, which is not the priority of decoration. For the owners who buy a house for the first time, the possibility of purchasing or replacing the second house is very small, so the risk of heavy decoration and light decoration caused by the number of moves is very small

◆ misleading three: Decoration saves money

many owners believe that the family decoration in the early stage is simpler and costs less money, and they buy more decorations to decorate in the later stage, which saves a lot of money. In fact, basic decoration is essential for every family. Basic decoration includes functional decoration such as wall painting, floor laying, reconstruction of water, electricity and heating projects, etc. Generally speaking, the cost of basic decoration accounts for more than 60% of the whole decoration cost. Whether the owner attaches importance to it or not, this cost must be paid. Whether to save money depends on whether the cost of additional decoration below 40% is lower than the cost of buying decorations. As long as owners go to the decoration market to have a look at slightly upgraded home decorations, the price is not cheap. On the premise of light decoration, oneortwo decorations are difficult to meet the requirements of home decoration, and the combined cost of several or more decorations is very large, Moreover, the cost of replacing decorations often is a bottomless pit, so it doesn't save money to pay more attention to decoration than decoration. In addition, if celebrity calligraphy and painting precious antiques are included in decorations, it is even more impossible to calculate




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