Facing the industry reshuffle, wallpaper industry

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Facing the industry reshuffle, the wallpaper industry risks and opportunities coexist. F

if previously only concerned about price, quality, style and color, consumers now pay more attention to health and environmental protection. When they buy wallpaper, they often choose products with higher environmental protection standards

affected by the domestic macro environment and real estate regulation and control policies, the entire household industry market shrank in 2011, and the wallpaper industry is no exception. The salesperson at the front line of the store most directly felt the weakness of the wallpaper market. Insiders are asking: what is the root cause of the industry crisis? Where is the "wall" of market consumption demand

overcapacity led to industry reshuffle

after three decades of ups and downs, the wallpaper industry finally ushered in a period of rapid development. Up to now, industry experts agree that China's wallpaper industry is facing the crisis of overcapacity, and it is difficult to change in the short term. According to the conservative prediction of wallpaper branch of China Association of building decoration materials, the wallpaper industry will have 356 production lines by the end of 2011, with a production rate of 3600 rolls per day with the specification of 5.3 square meters/roll, and the output will far exceed the domestic demand. At present, more than 1000 brands are competing in the Chinese wallpaper market, and many enterprises intend to enter this industry. The supply and demand of wallpaper market is unbalanced, and the crisis of overcapacity appears

in addition, the impact of the continuous tightening of monetary policy since 2010 is gradually emerging. The continuous increase of deposit reserve ratio and the control of loan quota and other policies make it difficult for wallpaper enterprises to lend. As the investment and loan policies of the financial industry are closely related to the development of real estate, on the one hand, the tightening of money has led to the corresponding reduction of real estate investment; On the other hand, the State encourages the construction of affordable housing and low rent housing, which leads to the smaller and smaller domestic real estate market, the corresponding reduction in the purchase volume of potential customers, and enterprises fall into a situation of more competition and fewer buyers. As a result, less and less walls can be pasted, products are overstocked, there is no return capital, and bank loans can't keep up. At present, many wallpaper enterprises are facing the same problem - new products cannot be launched, and old products are overstocked and have no way to sell

consumption upgrading boosts industry development

in recent years, with the development of economy and society and the acceleration of rural urbanization, the consumption potential of the rural market is increasing year by year. In addition, the further expansion of the gap between the rich and the poor also produces conspicuous consumption and impulsive consumption. Many consumers have regarded wallpaper as a synonym for luxury goods. However, in actual consumption, people have become more rational, pay more attention to product quality and practical performance, and have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection of wallpaper products. If we used to pay attention to price, quality, style and color, consumers now pay more attention to health and environmental protection. When they buy wallpaper, they often choose products with higher environmental protection standards

the consumption upgrading of the market will definitely drive the product upgrading, which requires more and more brands to shoulder important responsibilities. It should be said that the development of wallpaper is "getting better" after "twists and turns": on the one hand, the number of production enterprises has increased to nearly 300, on the other hand, wallpaper products are constantly innovating and the variety of designs and colors is increasing. But at the same time, we should also see that due to the low threshold of entry, the lack of well-known brands in the industry and the lack of concentration of brands, there are adverse phenomena such as overcapacity, plagiarism and imitation, low-cost competition, imperfect services and so on

in order to improve the quality of wallpaper products and improve industry standards, the state has successively issued two new standards to regulate the wallpaper industry. This not only provides a standard for judging product quality, but also sets a benchmark for the healthy development of the whole industry

in the environment of shrinking market, the key to enterprise development is to recognize and accurately predict the situation, not blindly follow the trend, not follow the trend, at the same time, enterprises should also pay attention to product quality and improve service quality. Only in this way can consumers be trusted and satisfied, and enterprises can share a larger market cake

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